Giveaway Policy:

Giveaways are a way for me to share some of the awesome books I have read or plan to read. Please remember that I use the United States Postal Service, it’s not an instant teleportation device and it definitely isn’t fool-proof, so please understand that when I send you a gift from a giveaway I am trusting the post office just as much as you are trusting me. With this in mind I am not liable for items lost or damaged during shipment. I know how aggravating that is so I will do everything I can to prevent it from happening but I know nothing is perfect. 

All gift cards given away are in USD, unless noted otherwise.

If the chosen winner DOES NOT reply to the “claim your prize” email I send out, within 24 hours, I will be forced to pick a new winner.


If you are found cheating on ANY giveaway held by Read. Sleep. Repeat. you will be immediately disqualified and banned from any other giveaways for the remainder of the year or 6 months. Whichever is greater.We work really hard to do these giveaways and I won’t stand for cheaters. If it is found that you have won an ARC and have sold it you will be disqualified PERMANENTLY from all RSR giveaways, reported to the appropriate publisher, the avenue of which you are making the sell (eBay etc) and reported to the blogging community. I don’t play, so please do not test me.

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