Hi guys! I was looking at my ARC spreadsheet the other day and a thought occurred to me:

“Octavia, you are horrible! Look at all this red! There has to be a better way to look at this. A way that won’t make you feel like you are miserably failing…hmmm.”

So I went in and revised the original ARC spreadsheet! This 2nd edition has the same labels but I’ve added additional tabs, so that you can sort it by month! I tried to take screenshots but it’s too darn big! But, it’s all yours and as always I hope it helps!


Read. Sleep. Repeat. ARC Tracker Second Edition

Scratch that! I went in and edited it AGAIN the other day. So the tabs are the same and you can still decide to look at it by month but I’ve also added two additional tabs. One for NetGalley and one for Edelweiss. I was getting a little overwhelmed looking at the month and not knowing immediately what came from what (although I could sort it that way) and what my ratio was. So I decided to fix that. Please know that once you download the spreadsheet you can edit it however you need to fit YOUR needs. Enjoy and stay organized!

ARC Spreadsheet 4th ed.