Thanks for coming to my world


    Welcome to my awesome world of Read. Sleep. Repeat. The only place where it is completely acceptable to say awesomeness like it’s a real word; forget about work, school, family, food (except chocolate) and concentrate on a few good books. I’ve lived in this completely “real” world for most of my life but recently decided that other people should be able to visit too… at the small price of listening to my psychotic book rants. But before I insist on you reading my deranged reviews how about I introduce myself.

    Quite simply I’m Octavia. I speak fluent sarcasm, am a renowned smart ass, and here’s a surprise, I worship books. I wish I was joking but I seriously have a bit of an unbalance and possibly disturbing love of books. Three in my purse (always), one under my pillow, two on my nightstand, one in my desk at work and on my dinning room table. See what I mean? But it doesn’t end there. I love reviewing books almost as much as reading them. I’m not a literary genius but I can get a tad carried away with my reviews and I can’t think of a better way to spend my spare time. Hopefully you are the same way about these sweet and amazing escapes from reality, and you’re not looking up a good psychologist for me at this moment. Either way, enjoy your time here on Read. Sleep. Repeat and come back when you get a chance.


               A Heads Up about my “Rants”

     I can’t tell you how excited I am that you haven’t been scared off by my awesomeness. With that in mind here is a little information about my reviews. I’ve already told you about my fluency in sarcasm and that crosses over into my reviews. I never want or plan to be cruel or to anger anyone, and please know that I do this because I love to, not because I’m bored. As long as Read. Sleep. Repeat. exist I guarantee you I will always remain honest about any review I leave but more importantly that you will enjoy reading the review half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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