5th Annual ARC August Sign Ups! graphic

5th Annual ARC August Sign Ups!

It’s that time of the year! ARC August sign ups are now open! As always here are the rules: Any Advanced Reading Copy counts as part of this reading challenge; your backlist books count No blog necessary to participate, but you’ll need to include some form of social media as part of your sign up […]

We’re Back!!!! graphic

We’re Back!!!!

After a much needed break RSR is back and, I hope, better than ever! Shelly, Angie, and I have been busy brainstorming ways to make RSR fun and engaging again and I can’t wait to share with you guys. And the first thing I want to share involves my second favorite season….summer! I don’t know […]

O’s Bookish Resolution graphic

O’s Bookish Resolution

2017 is nearly here and that means it’s time for that age old tradition of making resolutions for the New Year. The only personal resolution I have is to be 100% in charge of my happiness. I don’t want anyone to have the power to make me feel or think anything negative about myself. So….yay […]

Announcing the 2017 Diverse Reading Challenge! graphic

Announcing the 2017 Diverse Reading Challenge!

Mishma and I decided to team up again and host the Diverse Reading Challenge for another year! This time around, we’re dividing each month into specific sections for a more guided reading but we are leaving it totally open to readers who don’t want to follow the schedule we have as well. Once again, the […]

ARC August: Final Wrap-Up! graphic

ARC August: Final Wrap-Up!

Can you believe it’s September already? August has just flown by! While I did read a lot of ARCs in the first few weeks, I completely forgot about reading my ARCs by the time the last week hit. Here are the ARCs I’ve read this month: Ghostly Echoes by William Ritter Keeping Her Secret by […]

#VASRP Challenge 10 graphic

#VASRP Challenge 10

The tenth and final mini-challenge for the #VASRP is here! This week is hopefully a vacation week for many of you! That is why next Monday, September 5th there will be no mini challenge post! You may get a chance to pick up a book or go to a movie. But now the real challenge […]

ARC August: Week 3 Recap! graphic

ARC August: Week 3 Recap!

Ahh can you believe we’re in our last week-ish of ARC August? How was your reading this week? This week, I read: Iron Cast by Destiny Soria  Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard How to Make Out by Brianna Shrum How has your reading been this week? What’s on your TBR for the last week […]

#ARCAugust Week 2 Recap! graphic

#ARCAugust Week 2 Recap!

Hey everyone! Today marks the start of week 3 meaning we are halfway done with ARC August! I finally finished my last exam this weekend meaning I can finally start really getting into all these ARCs. In terms of other news, our #ARCAugust Twitter chat was last night!  I’m feeling extremely lazy so here’s a list […]

#VASRP Challenge 7 graphic

#VASRP Challenge 7

The seventh mini-challenge for the #VASRP is here! We want to know how your progress is going! Let us know. The Challenge: Show us your bookish locations What is the place you love to go? Or do you prefer to stay at home in your own reading space? Let us see your bookish paradise! Share […]