We’re FOUR!!!! graphic

We’re FOUR!!!!

(You KNEW that was coming!) Last Wednesday RSR turned four. FOUR! Can you believe it?! In these four years I’ve met some of my best friend (whom I have no idea how I deserve them!), traveled for author signings (Y’all Fest 2014!) faced giant, intimidating conventions (BEA 15) and driven out of the country (for […]

Announcing….. Diversity Month! graphic

Announcing….. Diversity Month!

  I’m so happy to announce that we’re going to be hosting a diverse month this October! It’s my (Shelly) birthday month and I really can’t think of a better or more awesome way to celebrate than by featuring a lot of diverse books and authors. I want to create an awesome event featuring plenty […]

Announcing …. NO NEW BOOKS! graphic

Announcing …. NO NEW BOOKS!

I’ve done this post in a Q&A format because I figure that it’ll be more fun to read. Enjoy. What do you mean no new books? Are you insane? I mean, that starting from whenever this post goes live, I won’t be borrowing or buying any new books. I also won’t be requesting any books, […]

Announcing…. The Publisher Spotlight Event! graphic

Announcing…. The Publisher Spotlight Event!

  Yes, you read that right! Starting later this month, we are going to be kicking off a huge publisher event! How big you ask? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS! Tons of bookish lists Each week starting May 31st (right after BEA hint hint) RSR will feature ONE publishing house with reviews of past releases […]

Change is coming!!! graphic

Change is coming!!!

Hi lovelies!! I’ve been getting a few complaints about people being unable to get the RSR newsletter (sorry Pili) so I’ve been working on getting that fixed. With that said I have made a few adjustments I’m really excited about! Adjustment 1: You can now tell me if you want daily, weekly or monthly newsletters! […]

Dear Blog Readers graphic

Dear Blog Readers

It’s been a crazy year over at Read.Sleep.Repeat. and I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for putting up with that crazy girl who rambles non-stop. Thank you for putting up with that crazy girl who starts all her reviews almost the same way. Thank you for cheering with me when I got […]

I have written a thing! graphic

I have written a thing!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen me mention a short story. I was lucky enough to win a mentorship from Jasmine Warga (author of MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES) and we worked on my short story together. My short story is called Library of An Old Ghost and like the […]

Something is coming……….. graphic

Something is coming………..

Something is coming……….. Two bloggers (of whom you may or may not already know – but if you don’t you really should!) are teaming up to bring us book lovers a new – and expressive– site that will allow our close-knit community to continue spreading our universal love of reading. I have been asked to help these two mystery bloggers with their […]

Happy New Year! graphic

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day holds a special place in my heart. If you weren’t aware, I actually don’t celebrate Christmas, instead we celebrate New Years. My parents come from the USSR and for them, New Years meant setting up a tree and getting presents in the morning. We still keep this tradition, and when people ask […]

Merry Christmas My Lovelies!! graphic

Merry Christmas My Lovelies!!

        Merry Christmas my lovelies. 2014 has been full of highs, lows and everything in-between and I want to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I appreciate every single follower RSR has and I am so grateful for all the support you have shown us. I […]