Angie’s Raven Cycle Fanfic Rec List

So it’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of fanfiction. It’s a creative, fun and excellent outlet and there is nothing as satisfying as reading a fic where the author so clearly just gets the characters. Burying myself in fanfiction is also how I cope with my favorite things ending. When Buffy, my very favorite show of all time ended, I only coped by reading (and sometimes writing) fanfiction. Same goes with Harry Potter and Twilight. When Billie Piper left Doctor Who? I spent MONTHS reading Rose/Ten fanfic and wallowing. After rewatching all of Veronica Mars prior to the movie releasing and in the months after it I devoured every VMars fic I could find on AO3.

So naturally, when The Raven Cycle, my favorite book series since Harry Potter ended, I had no choice but to turn to the comfort of fanfiction because I just steadfastly refuse to let these characters go. I spent 3 weeks knees deep in everything AO3 had to offer, and at the request of some friends I have decided to put links to all my favorites in one post. I was even kind enough to organize them for you BECAUSE I AM A GOOD PERSON.

Also, before you ask, NO I don’t have anything against Bluesey fic THERE IS JUST SO LITTLE OF IT THAT’S GOOD IT’S A TRAGEDY.

And also, yes, I’ll be updating this somewhat frequently if new fics come out and I really love them because I can’t stand incomplete things.

Polyamory IS the Answer

All I Hear Is Your Song + But I Want To Stay
All the Rooms of the Castle
All The Things You Might Have Said (The Barns Dance Remix)
Can I Show You What I’m Proudest Of
Five Dumb Peas In A Pod
Heavenly Wine and Roses
The One Where The Tea Was Mislabeled
Tonight Will Go On Forever
We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try)

Horror Movie Twins

A Future In The Making
A Tree Swing, One Might Call It
Ad Meliora
All We Do Is Drive
An Accidental Kiss
An Exhale of Smoke in the Sky
And I Like You
And I Swore They Started Singing
As Loud As My Heart
Average Joes
Better Than Dreams
Body Count
Boys on Fire Never Burn Out
Call Me Adam, Not Parrish
Caught Up In Your Heartstrings
Close Your Eyes and Shut Your Mouth
Could’ve Been Easy
Difficult As You Make It
Filling Up the Spaces
First and Third + Here and Now
Five Times Adam Parrish Thought ‘I Love You’ Was Overrated
Hold The Light That Fixes You In Time
Hotter Than the Sun, Sweeter Than Spring
I Don’t Mind You Under My Skin
I Got Scared In The Middle Of The Night
I Should Have Loved a Thunderbird Instead
I Would Be Glad To Tell You and Walk Away
(I’d Be An Anchor) But I’m Scared You’d Drown
In the Night
I’ll Keep My Lanterns Lit
In Case You Ever Bleed
It Even Rains In The Summertime, Baby, But I’ll Keep You Warm
Keeps Me From Unravelling
Let’s Be Reckless Teenagers in Love
Let’s Get Together Before We Get Much Older
Like A Pair of Horror Movie Twins
The Lives of the Heart
The Lovers Dictionary Entry For Manifestation
Made Out of Lightning
Matchmaker Calla
Noctambulism and The Teenage Boy
Now There’s No Place Else I Could Be But Here In Your Arms
The Numinous Intent
Oh, The Irony
Okay/Not Okay
Our Veins Are Busy But My Heart’s In Atrophy
Passion Pit
Paws and Claws and Kisses
Perform the Trapezius Pynch
Room to Grow
Roses On Parade
Secret Little Rendezvous (Honestly this is OOC as fuck but oh my god an utter delight)
The Stars Exploding, We’ll be Fireproof
Such An Almighty Sound
Sun in Aquarius
Take In Your Chemicals
Take Me Home And Show Me The Sun
There’s a Raven Boy in the Library
Things that Matter
This Isn’t A Heist
Under Me You So Quite New
Various Storms And Saints
Walked With You
What Happens in St. Agnes
What We Won When We Fought
When Magicians Dream
When the Sunset Shifts
When We Go Crashing Down, We Come Back Every Time
The World Will Follow After
Worthy Of A Crush
Yet What I Can Give Him
You’re Cold And I Burn
You Know It’s Worth the Nights We Wait

Dick and Jane

All There Is
Come to Think of It, I’m Aching
In Another Universe
Like Real People Do
The Universe Is Beautiful But Cold

Post-The Raven King/Contains Spoilers for The Raven King

Ama Me Fideliter
And Now the World is Ours to Take / and Every Single Move is Ours to Make
And You
Between Eternities
Built You a Home in My Heart
Can’t Let the Day Go
Connected Stars
Every Upward
Hold On To Me As We Go
Holding On To Your Soul
In Between
In His Eyes
In the Morning’s Hush
Like Real People Do
The Loveliest That I Could Choose
Marvelous Creatures
A Million Ways
Nothing on Your Mind
Oh, You’re Everything to Me
Once We Go On Ahead
The One Where There’s Onesies
Only to Come Back
Opal is a Dream and Not
Post-TRK Conversations
Since You’ve Been Home, See What You Have Become
Six to Eight Months
Things That Break the Silence
This Is A Place Where I Don’t Feel Alone
To Center on Your Heart
Tonight, This War is Easily Lost
The Waking Moments
We Smile Because We Want To
The World Is Wide (But You Are Its Centre)
Your Body’s Poetry, Speak to Me
Your Nightmares Follow You Like a Shadow

Excelsior (or I don’t know what to shove these under)

Our Sisters Hold Our Mirrors
Out For Re-Henge
Petitions Solve Everything
Pieces of Peace in the Sun’s Peace of Mind
The Same Impossible Stuff
Things You Said…
Third On The List
You’ll Never Beat (But You’ll Never Break)


Dreams Don’t Grow On Trees
Helter Skelter
In Rolling Waves of Incidents
Saturday Morning
There and Back Again
Time Isn’t Real (But You’re a Constant)
You’re Ripped At Every Edge But You’re A Masterpiece