Introducing Panel Talk!

February 26, 2018 Features & Spotlights 0

Hey y’all! I’ve recently been getting back into comics (to be honest, have I ever stopped?) with my lovely friend, Tika, and I wanted to introduce a new feature to the blog…. PANEL TALK.

If you’re new to comics, a “panel” is what you call a single square on the page of a comic. Panel Talk is a play on the phrase ‘pillow talk’ and I thought it would make for a cute feature name.

I’m going to be doing some comic reviews of popular series, documenting my long attempt to catch up on my comic book collection (there’s a lot of them… and a long post in the works) as well as some general reviews for new comic book series!

I hope y’all will join me on this fun adventure and definitely let me know in the comments what types of comic-related posts you’d like to see. We may also start featuring manga soon and we’d love to hear your input on that too!

Are you a fan of comics too? What are some of your favourite series? Let’s chat below!

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