Once upon a time, way back in December, I introduced myself as the new blogger at Read. Sleep. Repeat with a (naturally) completely unrelated to books post polling which cartoon character is the sexiest. That post was just so much fun to put together, and so very on brand for me, that I knew I had to do another. Plus I’ve been watching some anime this year and ummm turns out there are A LOT of hot anime guys and my Books & Murder squad seems to think I left a lot of important characters out of the first post so after pulling from around 30 years of cartoons and anime, HERE WE GO AGAIN!

InuYasha vs. Sesshōmaru


George Jetson vs. Fred Flinstone



Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman


Sonic vs. Knuckles

(9-11 year old Angie LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Knuckles, don’t @ me)


Ash vs. Brock


David vs. Hercules


ZEN (hello yes watch Snow White with the Red Hair IMMEDIATELY) vs. YATO (ALSO WATCH NORAGAMI IMMEDIATELY)


Kovu vs. Snow White’s Prince


Skeeter vs. Arnold


Raphael vs. Leonardo


Michelangelo vs. Donatello


Serious Shang v Smirky Shang (okay clothed Shang v shirtless Shang I WAS TRYING TO GIVE HIM SOME DIGNITY)


Clark Kent v Bruce Wayne




Eret vs. Maui


Kronk vs. Ralph


Tramp vs. Balto


Trent vs. Speed Racer


Prince Izana vs. Prince Raj


Jim Hawkins vs. Milo Thatch


Bolin vs. Sokka


Daikoku vs. Sakaki


Johnny Bravo vs. Emperor Kuzco


Phoebus vs. Goliath


90s Cyclops vs. 90s Wolverine


Tulio vs. Miguel


Wheeler vs. Fred


Danny Phantom vs. Gerald


Ron Stoppable vs. Shaggy


Kocoum vs. John Rolfe


Danny vs. Thomas O’Malley


Kazuma vs. Mitsuhide


Captain Planet vs. He-Man


Now for a question. I think I’ve pretty much exhausted my options on hot cartoon guys. Should we move onto hot cartoon girls next?

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