Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Comics/Graphic Novels on my TBR

January 31, 2017 Features & Spotlights 4

I’ve never been a Comic/Graphic Novel person. I read the BtVS Season 7 when they first came out but soon fell behind and never picked them back up. But my Shelly really loves them so I’ve been wanting to give them a real try this year. I did read and LOVE Nimona last year, as well as start the Lumberjanes and plan to get to all of the ones on this list in 2017, hopefully.



Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening: This one comes highly recommended Alyssa and Sydney, so I definitely need to get my hands on it ASAP.

Lumberjanes, Vol. 4: I picked up the first three volumes from my library and LOVED them. The cast of characters/friendships/romance between two certain characters are all freaking amazing. Can’t wait to catch up.

Ms. Marvel, Vol 1: Muslim, teenage girl Superhero. ENOUGH SAID. I’ll definitely be binging all the currently available volumes sooner than later.



The Wicked and The Divine, Vol. 1: I keep hearing great things about this series from trusted peeps, and it definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Volume 1: Squirrel Power: I am told that this is cute and hilarious and that I will enjoy it despite only having movie knowledge of the Marvel world.

The Mighty Thor, Volume 1: Thunder in Her Veins: I have no idea if this is good or not, but girl Thor, so I’m in.



March: Book One: I actually had no idea this existed until recently, and I can’t wait to read it.

Archive, Vol 1: The New Riverdale: I loved Archie when I was a kid, but it wasn’t something I ever kept up with so I’m excited there is a modern version I can check out.

Saga, Vol. 1: I’ve been hearing about Saga for years, but I’ve been concerned it might be too graphically violent for me because I’m super squeamish. But I’ll try it anyway.



Through the Woods: A lot of my Goodreads friends loved it and it definitely sounds like something I’d love.


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4 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Comics/Graphic Novels on my TBR”

  1. Sydney West

    I really want to catch up on Archie now that Riverdale is out. Ms. Marvel, Saga and the Lumberjanes are so fabulous. They are all special to me.

  2. Lori

    How did I not know about Monstress? I’ll definitely be picking that one up soon! And I just checked out all three March books and am really excited to read those. I hope you enjoy all of these!

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