Announcing the 2017 Diverse Reading Challenge!

Mishma and I decided to team up again and host the Diverse Reading Challenge for another year! This time around, we’re dividing each month into specific sections for a more guided reading but we are leaving it totally open to readers who don’t want to follow the schedule we have as well.

Once again, the 2017 Diverse Reading Challenge is all about setting your own personal goals to read more diverse books. Any diverse book will count towards this challenge, it’s all about setting personal challenges to read widely.

We’re also looking to feature some authors for some interviews. If you have a diverse book releasing in 2017 and would like to be featured, please fill out this form!

If you’d like to participate, you can sign up below!

our monthly (optional) mini-challenges: 

January– diverse folklore/mythology (e.g. South Asian mythology, Russian folklore, Japanese folklore, Greek mythology, Chinese folklore, etc.)

February– POC Main Character / Biracial / Multiracial

March– main characters with a disability

April– mental health

May– religious diversity

June & July– sexuality and gender identity

August– non-Western setting

September– #ownvoices

October– Intersectionality

November– diverse retellings

December– 2017 Releases

As usual, we do have our recommended reading list and we encourage everyone to read #ownvoices books as well as leave reviews on your blog, GoodReads, and retail sites.

Sign up:

more resources and addition challenges!

Want to read more? One challenge not enough? Here are some additional links!

More about Shelly

Shelly Z is a reader, writer and blogger. She works for Adventures in YA Publishing, a 101 best site for writers selected by Writer’s Digest, and is a blogger at Read.Sleep.Repeat. She rants as much as she reads. You can find her on twitter at @shellysrambles.

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  13. Jesalin

    Hi Shelly,

    Is the sign-ups for this challenge going to close before 2016? I’m planning to post my 2017 Goals & Challenges post Jan. 1st, which means I won’t be able to link up until 2017, and I wanted to make sure that I could still sign up after 2016 ends.

    Thank you so much,

    Jess @jbelkbooks


    1. Shelly

      The challenge sign ups will be open for all of 2017!


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