Guess which blog is bringing Top Ten Tuesday back as a regular feature?! THIS BLOG! I realized I really missed coming up with these list with Shelly and the reason I stopped was dumb (no time…MAKE TIME) so here we are! And to top it off this topic is one that is EVERYTHING to me when I’m reading a book because strong female leads are so important! Damsels in distress have reigned long enough. Lets bring in the kick ass heroines!


Six of Crows

Inej and Nina are MY BAES!!! Not only are they completely bad ass but they’re also smart! What more can I ask for!?

Written in Red

Meg isn’t your traditional leading lady. She’s skittish, unskilled, and completely new to taking care of herself. But! She never backs down from a fight, she always does what’s right even when that is the scary thing to do, and she’s honest to the bone. I’ve had so much fun reading this series and watching her grown and she certainly deserved a spot on this list!


I know this just hit shelves but I had the pleasure of reading it many months ago, and I full on LOVED IT! If you haven’t read my review yet click this link to learn about all the awesomeness contained within this book! Nemesis was what I’m sure some would consider “cold” but I never got that from her. She was on a mission and she kicked all the ass while she carried that mission out!


Another book that I read a few months ago and full on LOVED! Magic, mystery, and a fire yielding grab you by the balls and take no BS female lead? YES PLEASE! Cat had secrets than run deeper than one book can explore, and I loved how even when she started to trust Griffin and his mean she still never full revealed everything. But it wasn’t jus the mystery surrounding her. Oh no! This woman took down a dragon, an army of icky, AND a sick and demented asshat! If that doesn’t give you feels I don’t know what will!


Leila was the complete opposite of what I had come to expect in PNR books. She was brave, but smart, she never acted carelessly, and above all else she really could take care of herself! I mean yeah, Vlad helped her out here and there, but when it came to a fight Leila was read to stand up for herself and fight whoever was coming for her!

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  1. I totally want to get my book club group to read Six of Crows, but I think the massive size may turn them away. They’re all working adults and we have a hard enough time getting time to meet each other via skype! Maybe I’ll just recommend it to them 😛
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