Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake
Suffer Love
by Ashley Herring Blake
Published by HMH Books for Young Readers
on May 3rd 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult, YA
Pages: 352

Hadley St. Clair's life changed the day she came home to a front door covered in slips of paper, each of them revealing the ugly truth about her father. Now as her family falls apart in the wake of his year-long affair, Hadley wants everyone-her dad most of all-to leave her alone.

Then she meets Sam Bennett, a cute new boy who inexplicably "feels like home" to Hadley. Hadley and Sam's connection is undeniable, but Sam has a secret about his family that could ruin everything.

Funny and passionate, Suffer Love is a story about first love, family dysfunction, and the fickle hand of fate.

I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher, this does not influence my thoughts on the book or this review.

I’ve heard amazing things about Suffer Love, and I’m happy to report that the hype is real and well-deserved!

Hadley is trying to move on with her life, having moved to Nashville a few months ago with her parents in an attempt to move on with their lives. Sam’s also trying to move on with his life, having moved to Nashville a few months ago with his mom in an attempt to move on with their lives. When the two meet, they bond almost immediately. Soon, their romance gets a bit complicated as their family histories are revealed. Suffer Love ultimately explores the ways in which the characters want to move on but maybe can’t without each other.

Suffer Love was so captivating, I loved the writing and I was so hooked in. The characters felt so real to me, and I really felt like I was in the minds of teenagers. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

The romance was amazing, I loved every minute of it. So adorable and realistic and cute gahhh, I loved Sam and Hadley together! I wish I had more to say about it but just READ THIS BOOK and see for yourself!

Overall, Suffer Love was an extraordinary novel that I highly recommend. I’m so excited to read Blake’s next novel (I hear it’s going to be f/f and I can’t wait).

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