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This year I was so excited to spend the week with Shelly (and my whole amazing BEA squad!) that I completely blew it on pics and things! Not that I didn’t take pics! I just didn’t take enough. I was so lucky to have planned this trip with 11 amazing kick ass chickas and I miss them so much! But you didn’t come here for me to get all googly eyed! You came for……THE BOOKS!

So day one was really scary for me because I was co-running a table at the Blogger Conference with Amber of Me, My Shelf, and I (who was a fucking gem to sit with!).

Amber and I

After our panel (which was SO FUN!) I made my way to the floor where my girls and the books were! Day one was a ginormous success bookish wise. I walked away with a GORGEOUS and highly anticipated copy of Rebel Genius (screaming as I type that), The Diabolic (still screaming), GEMINA (officially dead…typing from the grave), Gertie’s Leap to Greatness (it looks ADORABLE!), The Graces (screaming from my grave still), and GHOSTLY ECHOES (I’ve died again O_O)

Day 1

I even ran into the absolutely AH-MAZING Laini Taylor!


Later that night, at the MacMillan party I even got to see Leigh Bardugo WHO STILL REMEMBERS ME!!!!!!!!!


After the MacMillan party we went straight to the Big Honcho Media party and can you believe I FORGOT MY PHONE?! Yep. Couldn’t take a single pic of their awesome dessert table!

Day 3 was…..bitter sweet. There weren’t a ton of books I needed and I knew it was theorist full day with my girls :(. It was a light day for books,


But a day FULL of friends!





I’m so thankful I was able to go. There were over a dozen times when I didn’t think I’d make it and my world just went to shit. But, I went! I had fun. And I was lucky to be surrounded by friends. Thank you Shelly, Katie, Britt, Becca, Angie, Nikki, Pilli, Cassi, Rachael, Michelle, and Whitley for being the best support system ever. Thank you for making this BEA my best yet.



Oh my gosh, my BEA trip was amazing. First, I’d like to thank Octavia for allowing me to room with her and all my lovely roommates (who shall be named soon). You made this trip awesome and I’m so lucky to have done this with all of you. <3

Now that the mushy bit is over, PREPARE FOR BOOKS AND COOL AUTHORS.

Me and some of my roommates
Me and some of my roommates

On Tuesday, I had my flight out in the morning and by noon, I was reunited with Octavia! With my roomies that were already there, we grabbed Shake Shack and at dinner, we had Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

The roommates in question: Octavia, Pili, Katie, Angie, Becca, Nikki,  Christina, Cassi, Rachael, Michelle, Britt. <3

On Wednesday, the bookish fun began! In the morning, we attended a blogger breakfast that was just lovely. Although I will say that I couldn’t finish my waffle, it was too filling!

my Press pass!
my Press pass!

The convention started at 1pm, as well as Octavia’s roundtable talk. Before the talks, I met up with Vee (admin of the GayYA and great human) as well as their sister and we had a lovely chat & coordinated some plans for later. During BloggerCon, I stayed for one round of the table talks, I decided to join the Diversity Roundtable which was just lovely. Mishma and Sandie were just great hosts! I also chatted briefly with Hafsah who was just the sweetest.

After BloggerCon, we headed out on the floor and I gave around business cards to publishers. I hung out with Katie and I finally met Steph from Cuddlebuggery who was lovely. I had so much fun meeting everyone and my first day of BEA wasn’t too stressful.

Here are the books I picked up on Wednesday:

BEA books day 1

Audrey Coulthurst (author of OF FIRE AND STARS)

On Thursday, we had to get up wayyy early to line up! We waited for about two hours for the convention to open. As soon as it started, I ran to the Audrey Coulthurst line as her signing was at 10am. I waited in line with Angie and Bekka who as always, are lovely. I got my ARC of OF FIRE AND STARS signed and got a photo with Audrey. Later, I was fortunate enough to attend an interview with Audrey and I got to chat with Paula Garner, author of PHANTOM LIMBS which also releases this fall.

Kristen Simmons & I!

After the signing, I wandered around a bit and saw Kristen Simmons at the MacMillan booth so I stopped by to share my excitement about METALTOWN and grab a photo! As I turned around from chatting with Kristen, I found Octavia talking to Laini-Freakin-Taylor. I managed to take a photo with Laini too and it was just amazing. I loved running into some of my favourite authors by chance!

Later that afternoon, I was fortunate enough to help in an interview with Leigh Bardugo and The Gay YA (the interview should be posted soon-ish, and I can tell you that it was fantastic!). I was so honoured to participate in the interview and to chat with Vee and Michael again. Leigh Bardugo seemed to also enjoy the interview, as I later found myself in a photo as part of her recap *gasp*. (you can see it below)

Laini Taylor!
Laini Taylor!

I also met David Levithan later that day and omg I am so happy about it. Levithan has been my hero for so long, and the work he does is purely phenomenal. I also got to meet Adam Silvera & grab an ARC of his latest release which I am so excited to read.

In the evening, I got to attend some exclusive blogger events including the Fierce Reads party, where I got to talk to Leigh Bardugo again (she totally remembered me) as well as Marissa Meyer! I also got to chat with Kami Garcia and I walked away with all their new books and an awesome t-shirt. I also later attended the Big Honcho Media party where I met some pretty cool bloggers and had a great time. Thursday was definitely the most exciting day!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.24.57 PM

Books I picked up on Thursday:

bea book day 2

Selfie with Nicola Yoon & some bloggers!

My Friday was a bit more relaxed but definitely still magical! After securing Nicola Yoon’s latest novel (I got a selfie with her too!), I wandered around a bit. I managed to find a space in line waiting for Marjorie Liu to sign some posters for her awesome graphic novel, MONSTRESS. In line, I got to chat with Miriam Weinberg, editor for Victoria Schwab and other awesome people. When I went up to meet Marjorie Liu, she RECOGNIZED THE BLOG! I was so amazed, I got a photo with her. Also, I knocked over her signing poster and I was a total Major Dork/Goof but she was super nice about it. I think the other people in line just pitied me.

Marjorie Liu!
Marjorie Liu!

Later that day, I hung out some more with Audrey Coulthurst (remember her from above?) who was just lovely again. I feel so lucky to have met so many cool people this year! I also got to chat with Mishma again and it was lovely. As everyone secured their spots in the Gemina line (which I luckily picked up on Tuesday!), I waited to get my copy of KIDS OF APPETITE by David Arnold signed. When I went to get my book signed, Arnold recognized me and told me he knows me from Twitter (*gasp*) and that he’ll see me around so yay! It was so nice and I am totally psyched for his book.

Later that night was the Blogger Dinner which was just fantastic! I had so much fun and the turnout was amazing. I’m so proud of Octavia and Whitley for organizing all of of.

Books I picked up on Friday:

bea books day 3

Overall, my BEA trip was just fantastic and I am really hoping I can attend next year. I loved meeting everyone and I know I didn’t mention every single person in my recap because I’m a mess of excitement after this trip but it was fantastic and I’m so grateful to everyone I met.

If this post is unbearably gushy it’s because I had a fantastic time and I am so thrilled that I got to attend. I’m hoping to go again next year but we’ll see then!

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