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Hi everyone! I’m so happy to kick off this awesome book tour! In this unique blog tour, Ella Martin is presenting us with her favourite romances and why we should read them! Hope you enjoy this tour and learning more about the awesome books featured!

About the Book

i love him i love him not ella martinI Love Him, I Love Him Not by Ella Martin

Talia Nicoletti’s life has been turned upside down–and that’s probably an understatement. Her mother goes off on a business trip… and comes back married! Her estranged father wants to be less estranged. And her best friend Jake DeSantos suddenly has a new confidante who Talia doesn’t want to like but kind of does anyway.

Talia has to unravel her tangled up emotions to figure out what she really wants. Does she want to accept her father back in her life? Can she trust her new-stepfather? There’s too much hitting Talia at once, and she’s not ready to deal with any of it. The one person she can always turn to is Jake, and he’s being secretive and isn’t exactly available. And that hurts her more than she thought possible.

Talia hates that she’s jealous of the new girl in Jake’s life, especially since she can’t decide if she loves him … or if she loves him not.

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About the Author

ella martin headshotElla Martin is an award-winning young adult author and self-described “prep school survivor” from Southern California. With a keen sense for combining relatable teen characters with engrossing stories, her books blend aspects of romance, angst, and intrigue. Her Westgate Prep series of books tackles female friendships, quirky characters, and sensitive topics with equal tact.

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Book Feature: Getting over Garrett Delaney

Guest Post by Ella Martin
Getting Over Garrett DelaneyLet’s face it: love is messy. And something I can’t get enough of are books in which the female leads surrounded by a group of friends to help her through the ups and downs of love. Too often, once the love interest enters the picture, the friends scatter. And that’s not just an unrealistic portrayal. It’s also really unhealthy.

As the title suggests, GETTING OVER GARRETT DELANEY by Abby McDonald is not a typical love story, but it’s a love story nonetheless. When the story opens, we meet Sadie and her best friend (and guy-over-whom-she’s-been-pining-for-literal-years), Garrett Delaney. He’s intellectual and broody and tragic and angsty (oh, and super cute, too), and Sadie has been his companion since he moved to her town. She’s seen him through many relationships, always hoping he’ll notice her, but he never does. The last straw is when Garrett leaves for a literary retreat over the summer and calls Sadie to tell her he’s in love…with someone else.

Ouch. I’ve been there, Sadie. I know your pain.

This set up is actually a blessing in disguise for Sadie. She doesn’t seem to have other friends; she and her former best friend Kayla had drifted apart…interestingly, right around the time Garrett came to town. Hmm. But since her mom made her get a job for the summer, Sadie spends time with all the characters at her favorite coffee shop—and she makes new friends. More importantly, though, these new friends are women who help her through a time I hope Sadie will one day call the “Garrett Delaney Phase.” She also reconnects with Kayla, and she learns that her old best friend is a lot stronger than she suspected.

*sigh* I really loved this book.

So no, it’s not your typical love story. There’s not even a HFN romance at the end (though it hints at the possibility of something). But it does provide a HEA in its own way, because Sadie transforms from pathetic swooning companion to, well, her own person. She learns to love herself—and the importance of loving herself.

And that’s the best kind of love story there is.

“When you look in the mirror, what do you want to see: yet another reminder of your hopeless attempt to be the girl of his dreams, or you? The answer should always be you.”
― Abby McDonaldGetting Over Garrett Delaney

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Up for grabs, we have a copy of Getting Over Garrett Delaney available to US readers! To enter, please comment with your favourite romance YA or what you think of the two lovely novels featured above! (Contest ends on February 18th).

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