stop and chatOk so today’s Stop & Chat is kind of embarrassing for me to admit because I feel like a total weirdo. Let me give you a scenario…. let’s say you’re reading a book you’ve been itching to get your hands on. You’re loving the characters, you’re loving the plot, you’re loving the world building and the writing is simply beautiful. You are full on LOVING this book! So much so you’ve made it to the 40/50% mark! And then, for whatever reason you put said awesome book down and that’s all she wrote. You didn’t DNF it, not really, but you just lost interest and kind of forgot about it….

So Alone


This happens to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME! I don’t know why or how or even if I’m doing it on some weird subconscious level because I can’t handle the awesome and I’m not ready for it to end but ARGH!

Kick You


The most recent victim of this madness? Firstlife by Gena Showalter. An ARC! An ARC with this amazing beautiful cover that basically DEMANDS to be read cover to cover in one sitting!



And yes I had to make the cover that big because LOOK AT IT! IT IS FUCKING STUNNING IN ALL IT’S GLORY DAMMIT!

Erm sorry about that….

Anywho! Am I alone in this? Has anyone else been just completely overwhelmed with how good a book is going that they put it down and just forget about it? Or maybe the book wasn’t mind blowing. Maybe you sat it down even though you liked it so far and just forgot about it?  Help me not feel like a total weird below in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~ Losing Interest…It’s not you it’s me ~”

  1. Well, I definitely do this when a book is boring and I’m not feeling it!! However, there are two books right now that I’ve put down. One I started over 4 years ago, it got sad so I got sad, I was super worried about the ending, but I loved it! The other book that I put down is the last book of a series that I love! I’m worried characters I love will die or that I won’t like the way it has ended!

  2. I do this! Yes! Not so much because I’m so in love with it that I can’t possibly continue for fear of disappointment down the line or just not wanting to say goodbye, but because I want to read ALL the books at the same damn time! I’m currently “reading” six books according to goodreads. One book I picked up three years ago. I fully intend to finish it, but when? Don’t know. Another I tried to book club with my mom last year – we have to finish that! The others I’ve opened, read a chapter or two, and then opened up others. Most of the time, there’s one book that wins out in the end and I finish quickly. But then I go and pick up another. Aggghhhhh! haha Good luck, Octavia!!
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  3. Oh my gosh, I’m currently doing this right now. It’s so freaky that you wrote this post right while I was feeling this. I’m currently in the middle of two books that I’ve started and I’ve reached the 40/50% mark for both of them and I’ve set them down like, “I’ll get to you later.”
    It’s like I’m procrastinating from reading them. I have an essay to write today, but I told myself that I wouldn’t read until I finished it, even though I could have started this essay two days ago, the very same night I started one of the books I mentioned earlier. Why, oh why?
    For me it might not be because it’s getting so good I need to put it down, sometimes its either omg I’m going to feel embarrassed soon b/c of some characters actions or something else along those lines that I just need a break from reading it. haha.
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  4. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped reading an awesome book and forget about it. However, I did have a few circumstances where I read a really awesome book and I was close to finishing it that I stopped reading and slowed down my pace so I won’t finish it early. IS THAT WEIRD? I just can’t bear to think of finishing an awesome book and not getting to read a new chapter of it ever again (of course, I can always re-read it, BUT THAT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT).
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  5. I used to do this so much last year but usually because the book was *not* amazing..I have this habit of chasing after “shinier” things (things = anything from new ARCs to new writing projects) so whenever there’s a lull in the book I’m reading, I start reading something else..But I’ve done (your version of ) the ‘put *awesome* book down & lose interest’ thing only a couple of times before..because ever since I started dnfing books I am not enjoying at all, I feel more inclined to actually finish those 4 or 5 star books.
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  6. I can’t say that this has ever happened to me. Sometimes I’ll be loving a book but then for some reason or another I’ll start another one and then I get sucked into that one and won’t pick up the one I was already reading for a while but I always go back to it in the end.
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