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Happy Saturday lovelies! We’re getting closer and closer to the most wonderful time of year! NOT CHRISTMAS! I’m talking about BEA!

For those unfamiliar with this magical event may I direct you here. For everyone else I wanted to do a Q&A style Stop & Chat to help you first, or second/third/fourth, timers out.

Last year I did an entire BEA series and, if I may be so bold, it kicked ass! I hit a lot of topics and tried my best to make sure all comments got a reply. Those post are still up if you want to check them out, but I wanted to do something less formal and separate for those “quick” questions we all have about the event! So….any questions, comments, concerns please leave in the comments and we’ll get to them ASAP! There are no “stupid” or “unnecessary” questions and this is a judge free space so leave your question with confidence loves! Anything you really just don’t want to leave here you can email me and I’m happy to help the best way I can.

For those of you who have been around the BEA block before leave your #1 tip below for out lovely newbies!

love ya

7 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~ BEA…..Is Coming ~”

  1. Although I am not going to BEA this year, the best advice I can give is to take a deep breathe and realize that you cannot get all the books, and that’s okay. It’s okay to skip a book signing or galley drop if you’re about to drop- pacing yourself is the most important thing.

    Also- if you need someone to help organize a book drop to prevent last minute grabby hands, look to Octavia to sort that shiz out!
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  2. YAY! BEA is coming. *barely contains excitement*

    What’s my biggest tip? Well there is the standard drink lots of water and wear comfortable shoes. Seriously neither of those things can be understated. Your feet will be killing you and you will be super dehydrated after a long day on the floor waiting in line after line.

    But I think my biggest tip is to own the awkward. Whether it’s with authors, people in line, or bloggers you recognize. Say hi, take pictures, make friends, be awkward. Everyone wants to chat and get to know people. This may be your one change to take a picture with your favorite author or tell a blogger you love their reviews. Don’t be afraid to walk up and introduce yourself. Worst case scenario you get a quick hello before they book it to their next signing but that’s still pretty cool.
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  3. Ooh nice!

    I am FINALLY going to BEA this year! Because it’s in Chicago and I feel better about handling Chicago on my own! But luckily, I even got a roommate this year for the event, so I am stoked!!

    I’ve done The Romantic Times Booklovers Con a lot already so I have some con experience, but every con is different.

    I guess a few questions I have are:

    How early can you go to things?

    What’s the process of getting ARCs like? I’ve seen pictures of lines for when you get them signed and everything, is that the general gist of things or are there other ways of getting books?

    Do you have any recommendations for toting all these books around? I saw you are not allowed to bring suitcases or totes on wheels. And I’ve seen other bloggers’ hauls of these things and wonder how much my back can handle before I do serious damage! Lol. I’m at a hotel that’s like 1-2 miles away, so going to my room to drop off books won’t be a possibility!

    Or another question is how to dress? I’ve seen a lot of people wearing pretty much anything! Dresses, jeans and t-shirts, jeans and nice top…what do you recommend for the blogger girl? Also comfy shoes will be an issue. As I figure one must wear them, especially if you’re me and have flat feet that need support and wearing heels or flats for too long cause me pain! So my shoes usually dictate how I’m going to be dressing as well!

    Thanks for any tips and such you can provide! Hope to see you there!

  4. Well, advice, you say? I have some 😀 And only like, half of it is ridiculous.

    The shoes thing is real. The first day I wore my “nicer” shoes, realized no one gave a rat’s ass about my feet, and wore my old disgusting sandals after that. Actually, I think at one point, I was barefoot for a little while, which probably IS frowned upon.

    WATER. Buy some at Not-BEA, and then bring it with you. BEA will charge you the same for one bottle as you’d pay for a whole case elsewhere. Also, coffee. If you are addicted like me, you should probably map out the Dunkin Donuts and/or Starbucks beforehand if you need a fix 😉

    Try not to break your suitcase. Because I did. And it was sad. (Seriously, be moderately picky, at least. And don’t take home a 10 pound Santa book on the off chance your kids will want it one day.)

    Oh, and if you are picturing it like I had, as some complete stampede of hellish madness, it really isn’t that bad at all, I promise! And this is coming from someone with pretty severe anxiety AND a fear of crowds.
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