Change Is Coming…..

December 27, 2015 Random Ramblings 3

Happy Sunday you beautiful people you! I wanted to take a moment and fill you all in on some changes taking affect on RSR soon!The first of which is our newsletter. If you aren’t subscribed (or are subscribed but are more of a “receive then delete” kind of person) Shelly and I have made it our goal to make our newsletter something more than just a “weekly” update. We want it to be something you genuinely enjoy. We want it to be something you actually WANT to receive and something you actually open when you do receive it!


It means I sent a newsletter today, and this is it.

Is it fancy? No. Not really. Is it a simple but cool way to make sure you guys see things that are normally lost in the endless post shuffle? YES! Now this doesn’t mean newsletter subscribers are going to give up those ol’ reliable RSS emails. It just means there is going to be a new newsletter option for those who prefer a more “interactive” style!

Our goal is not to spam you. EVER. That’s why we want YOU to choose the best option for you!

Interactive – A newsletter that isn’t full of reviews and post. Something that lets readers experience our goals, ARCs, giveaways, interviews, and full on bookish thoughts.

Weekly – A traditional RSS weekly newsletter. Nothing wrong with tradition if you just want to keep up with post!

Monthly – A traditional RSS newsletter sent once monthly. Again, nothing wrong with traditional, and hey this way you get it all at once!

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