To My OTSP Secret Sister

October 4, 2015 Random Ramblings 3

I recently received a letter from my super awesome and lovely secret sister. It was sweet and nice and funny and probably had the most beautifully drawn pictures ever! And I wanted to send her a letter back, but of course she’s a secret! So, I thought the best thing to do was write an open letter here on RSR since I know she has been to the blog before. 🙂


To my Secret Sister,

I got my post card and LOVED it! I’ve been to The Strand ONCE for a MacMillan party and obviously it was a full on wonderland! To get a Strand post card was beyond awesome and I loved the graphic on the back so much. Speaking of graphics you’re a true artist honey! 😉 Of course I say this as a person who can’t draw stick figures but *shrugs* at least I speak the truth. You letter was full of so much pretty (you artist you!) and it was so nice I just loved it! It’s always awesome to hear from you and you crazy nice words basically made my month worth all the crazy.

I also got my September box and Ayanna full on flipped out that you got her a birthday present. That alone was probably the nicest and sweetest thing ever and I thank you so much for that. This birthday was tough and you can’t even understand how much that meant to us. We even had an epic movie night thanks to you! Though Ayanna wasn’t a fan of the jellybeans I LOVED them! I had no clue popcorn flavor was even a thing but geez am I happy I know now!

I hope you’re doing well and it’s not too cold “wherever” you are. 😉 Here in Ohio the temperature seriously dropped over night and I’ve already had to grab a sweater a few times! I’ve been in better book spirits though! I’ve been jumping into a lot of NA lately so I’m pretty sure I was just burnt out of YA and needed a change. I’m actually reading a PNR right now that I am full on digging so fingers crossed I finish it and the love is still there. I’ve even picked up a few picture books and comics thanks to Yanna so there’s that too!

Can’t wait for your next letter. You’ve seriously been the best Secret Sister ever!


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