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My number one bookish love is YA. It can be science fiction YA, or paranormal YA, or fantasy YA, and in very VERY rare cases even contemporary YA. Honestly, as long as it’s Young Adult, it will always own my heart. I mean how could it not?! My entire life I’ve been a book-worm; and when I was younger (and even now) that title came with relentless teasing and torment. But books didn’t tease. Books didn’t judge. Books took me to a place where I didn’t have to worry. And when I got over the “embarrassment” of being a book-worm, the very first thing I did, after coming to terms with the fact that YA was for EVERY ONE, was pick up an Amanda Hocking series. Which introduced me to the wonderful world of 99 cent books and indie authors! Which lead me to more popular YA and goodreads and to all you beautiful bookish people. I mean, when you really think about it, YA is what brought us together. Without it’s feels inducing tendencies we wouldn’t be friends and that’s just damn depressing. But lately I’ve been feeling distant from YA. Not in a way that implies I’m over it and will never go back. But in a, we need a “break” kind of way.

In the past 4 months I have picked up (and these are just a few)

A Court of Thorns & Roses 99 Days Reawakened The Scorpion Rules End of Days

and almost instantly sat it back down. Shoot! I made it to the 50% mark of A Court of Thorns and Roses and just lost all interest! Which honestly makes no sense what so ever because this story is absolutely beautifully written and amazing. It is honest to God amazing people!

At first I thought it was stress. I have had so much on my plate and so much happening that I’ve been exhausted and unable to focus. But the more I thought about it the more I realized I’m just a bit burnt out on YA. I’m sick of the good guy winning. Of the “best friend” who wants “more”. Of the retellings (sorry folks but UGH). And instead of “forcing” myself to read what everyone else is reading, when everyone else is reading it, and reviewing it when everyone else is reviewing it I’m going to throw in the towel for a bit. I’ve found a love for New Adult novels again! I’m reading adorable chapter books (kids…little kids) with my daughter! I’m dipping my toes into middle grade! YA in general has my heart and that will never change; but I want to take the rest of 2015 to try other things! I want to review coloring books (coming soon!!)! I want to review picture books and small chapter books! I want to talk to you guys like I used to! I want to interview authors that I love, for the sole reason that I love them! Reread books I haven’t read in ages and talk about how my taste have changed and how my thoughts and even rating are different now! But most importantly I want to give YA some space. I’m not swearing it off completely. I’m sure some of my rereads will be YA but that won’t be my focus. We both just need to see other people (that came out creepy didn’t it?! O_O).

I don’t know how you guys feel about it, since I’m 90% sure most of you are full on YA fans but I hope you’ll stick around for the new things I’m ready to experience in the bookish community. In fact, to get us started share with me if you’ve ever found yourself burned out of a genre, or theme! I’d love to hear what you did to get back into the swing of things!

5 thoughts on “Stop & Chat! ~ YA….We need a break ~”

  1. I switch up genres a lot. I find that if I read the same genre over and over I get completely bored with it, which then affects my enjoyment of reading. I find when I switch it up it makes me enjoy genres better.
    I’ve only recently found out that “New Adult” was a genre, and it turns out that many of my favourite books fit under that category.
    I would totally switch it up before throwing in the towel. Fall in love with another genre or two, and then try some YA again!

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