You may have noticed that over the past few months I have been obsessed with all things Erin Condren. Her planners, her stickers, her EVERYTHING. If you’re new to Erin Condren obsession I did a “I Ordered an Erin Condren Planner” post about her unbelievably AH-MAZING Life Planner and all the “extras” back in March and you can check that our for the full juicy bits if you want. This post is just about the fun extras and how I (personally) use the pretty.

I have 4 “extras I buy over and over from Erin Condren and if you’re planning on joining the club I definitely suggest you add them to your court too!

1. Erin Condren’s Do It All Dots and Daily Dots

Erin Condren 2

These come in packs of 216 each and are $4 bucks. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them or how much I depend on them in my planning! You all know how crucial color coding is to me (and come on! It’s FUN!) so the blank “Daily Dots” are great for marking post Shelly or I have coming up!

Erin Condren 5

And the “Do It All Dots” are perfect for when I need to make just a quick visual note about something! Like a hair appointment, an important date, a doctor’s appointment! I use these little babies exclusively on the “month at a glance” pages since they’re small but cute and of course because they’re informative without looking clustered!

Erin Condren 8

2. Erin Condren’s Customizable Event Stickers

Erin Condren 3

These are cool for many MANY reasons. Reason one, you can customize them to fit YOUR planning style (TTT,WOW, STS!) which means less writing. Reason two, they’re crazy colorful! Reason three, they’re (somewhat) removable, and if you order just the blank ones they’re perfect for writing on with just a pen! I use these in the weekly layouts because they fit in the vertical squares perfectly and they keep my horrid handwriting in check!

Erin Condren 9

3.Erin Condren’s Coil Clips

Erin Condren 6

These beauties are great when you want to add something to your calendar but don’t want to change the format! Like that appointment card! Could I have written “Dentist blah date blah time”? Yes. I could have. But this way I have the number in case I need to reschedule and our dentist name since I am horribly forgetful. They also clip to bigger things which is equally awesome because I have a true love affair with….

4. Erin Condren’s Classic Notepads

Erin Condren 7

Mine is customized (yay Read. Sleep. Repeat.!!) and I picked the 6×8.5 size, which fits PERFECTLY into my planner! It’s great for jotting down notes while reading, grocery list (since my planner is always with me), or (if you get the unlined) it could be great for doodling.


And that’s my Erin Condren obsession! Huge thanks go to @RinaReadsBooks for inspiring me to do this post. I’m always looking for a reason to gush about Erin Condren and this was PERFECT! If you’re feeling the EC itch don’t forget to use my referral code! You get $10 bucks and so do I! Biggest win win EVER!


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  1. I LOVED this post. I’ve gotten really into watching ‘plan with me’ videos on YouTube and sticker hauls are my new obsession. I don’t think I could take up planning. I’d love to be that organised and believe me, I need it, but it’s not something I can afford until I get a job. WAAAAH. Cry with me?
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