IMG_0835Octavia and I had a fantabulous trip to BookOutlet! We had to roadtrip-it because it is a few hours away from me. We ended up getting SO MANY BOOKS! My sister and I had to use 3 tote bags to get everything home.

IMG_0839Basically, Book Outlet is so magical and I got so many books! (See also: book buying ban!) When you first enter, there is a giant arc of books! I can’t show you my picture of it since the twin sis is in it and I’m not sure she’d want me to share that pic but just imagine it! The entire story is ginormous and has it’s own sections such as Fiction, Religion, Kids and Scratch & Dent.

IMG_0597The YA section is awesome! My library skills helped me find the books I really wanted (it was sorted by alphabetical order author last name) and everything was awesome. To the left, you can find all the books that I bought! I got so many and I hope that you guys have read some of these so comment and let me know which ones I have to read!

Below, I’m going to provide some tips for if you decide to make the trip (it’s near Niagra Falls so you can make a day out of it!) and even if you don’t, I think it’d still make a great post:

IMG_08401. Take a cart! BookOutlet provides carts upon entry and trust me, you’re going to want it. It may seem like a lot (to carry around a cart) but it’s so comfortable and so much more convenient.

2. Make piles! I organized my cart into piles based on books I wanted and some I’m iffy about.

3. Check Scratch & Dent! After choosing all of your books, head over the Scratch & Dent section to find more books and to also swap out some of your titles for cheaper ones! I managed IMG_0841to find the second Ruby Oliver book and they sold the third book for normal price so we ended up getting those. I ended up getting 11 Scratch & Dent books and they all look normal and not that out of shape which I enjoyed.

4. Be realistic! Try to purchase books you’ve wanted for a while or ones that you’ve always wanted but were too expensive at other places. While it is tempting to get ALL THE BOOKS, it costs a lot of money to actually purchase so many! The sis and I had to put away around 10 over the course of the trip.

Comment below on your thoughts on BookOutlet, the books I bought or anything that you want!


4 thoughts on “BookOutlet: a trip summary and some tips”

  1. We have something similar in my hometown. Actually, about…3 that I know of. Anyway, it’s 25% off for each book, so YAY. I love book outlets. Whomever invented them needs to be sanctified in my opinion! Great idea about showing restraint and buying only books you actually want, instead of all the books. It’s easy to go a little overboard.
    I so want to see that arc of books though. It sounds magical *dreamy sigh*
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