In honor of Scholastic week, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane. Some of the first books I can remember reading were published by Scholastic! And the very first series I was obsessed with was……



The tv adaptations freaked me out a bit but I loved every single Goosebumps book! So I did a quick google search for a list of ALL the Goosebumps books and I’m surprised, proud, awed and concerned by how many I’ve read.

Goosebumps Love



And these are just from the original series! There was also the Series 2000 and the unbelievably awesome, “can’t believe I get to pick the plot line!” Give Yourself Goosebumps series. I was going through all the titles and tv clips and it just filled me with so much nostalgia! I grew up on this! I want to expose my kid to this! I want to buy all of them and lay them on the floor then make a book angle in said floor pile!

I Need Help


But I don’t regret that statement! Because I KNOW you understand! Maybe it wasn’t Goosebumps for you! Maybe it was:

Harry Potter Book 1


Or, and this is going to confuse some of you young folks out there:


Or, for those who aren’t as ancient as I:

The Raven Boys

So tell me! What are some of your favorite childhood Scholastic reads?

2 thoughts on “Repeating My Bookish Childhood”

  1. Before Harry Potter, it was definitely anything not permanently attached to a display at the Scholastic Book Fair…best week of any school year hands down. My cousin would never let me watch Goosebumps with him after school, but I read most of the books in the original series. But Harry Potter is basically my obsession. My teacher bought a paperback copy to read to us in 4th grade and it remains one of my fondest memories of elementary school.
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