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Yes, you read that right! Starting later this month, we are going to be kicking off a huge publisher event! How big you ask? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS!


Tons of bookish lists

Each week starting May 31st (right after BEA hint hint) RSR will feature ONE publishing house with reviews of past releases as well as some highly anticipated upcoming ones, giveaways, interviews and just good old fashioned bookish discussions. And of course, since we are proud enablers, we’ll have list upon list of some of our all time favorite releases from each house too! Because obviously your TBR could use a little beefing up yes?!

Interviews with publicists

We reached out to publicist at MacMillan, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin and Algonquin and we have insider tips we are DYING to share! Not only that but some of their favorite past and upcoming releases from their respective publishing houses! And, because we just can’t help ourselves, giveaways to sweeten the pot!

Twitter chats

No event is complete without a twitter party! An hour of talking bookish followed by……..(you guessed it) GIVEAWAYS! We’re going to host TWO during the event and need YOUR input on when that should be! So in the comments (in addition to your excitement) tell us what day of the week and time of day works best for YOU and we’ll let you know when the chats are!

I’m (Shelly) super excited for this event because I’m not going to BEA (boo!) and this definitely will be one awesome event to stop me from obsessing over that one fact. And of course since Octavia is going I know she’ll be sharing her haul!


We will be using the #RSRSpotlight hashtag to spread the word and Octavia will be visiting Canada in the middle of it, so we may even be doing a liveshow! (Please tell us in the comments if this interests you, because we want to make sure to have people on board for it!).

So who’s excited?! Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay tuned for more info!


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