It’s been too long my lovelies!! I’ve been so busy with moving and school and my baby cakes that blogging has fallen to the wayside for me. Thank heavens for Shelly or else RSR would probably be no more. O_O But enough of that! Today I have a topic that’s actually been on my mind for a while now.

TBR List

Ok, so I am a firm believer that a TBR list is never ending. I don’t use GR to make realistic “to be read” list and I am in serious awe of people who do. Honestly, if you look at my GR list (which are out of control but I’m working on it) there are two main shelves I have. One is my, “to-read” shelf which is made up of books I own and have yet to read (about 200 or so)…..oops.

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Then I have my “to buy/borrow” shelf which is basically all the books I want to quit life for and read. You know, the “so many books but damn you life for taking away all my time” shelf? Which has over 700 books on it and I DON’T REGRET ANY OF IT!

But I am seeing more and more people with tbr list of 30/40 books and dwindling! I promise I’m not judging but HOW DO YOU DO THIS?! When I see a book I want to read my first instinct is “add this to my tbr list”! I know it’s not a list I will ever make it through and it is definitely a list that will never stop growing but this is how I classify a tbr list.

Which brings me to the question of the day! How do you handle YOUR tbr list? Do you only put books you know 100% you’re going to read? Do you use goodreads? Do you break your list up into months? Weeks? ARCs vs library books vs purchased? Tell me in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~TBR Lists~”

  1. I had a “general” want-to-read shelf on Goodreads, but the numbers on it started getting out of control, so I separated my shelves into want-to-read being the ones I actually own, wish-list being the ones I keep an eye out for should they be going cheap somewhere because I definitely want them, and thinking-about-it for books that catch my eye but I’m not committed. They’ll usually move to wishlist if I hear rave reviews, or drop off the list if they get terrible reviews or I change my mind. I feel like my TBR pile is easier to manage now (even if the want-to-read list is like 170 books long…oops?) and it helps with authors I collect, like Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain – they have loads of books out and while I remember the titles of the ones I’ve read, I don’t always remember which ones I own I’ve yet to read, so when my dad is out and about and spots one in a charity shop (which he’s started doing for me lately <3) it means I can quickly look it up and let him know if I already own it! R x
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  2. I treat my GR TBR almost the same way. I just have one big TBR list, and on it is all the books I might one day like to read. It includes books I own, books I want to own, books I want to read but maybe don’t want to buy, books that aren’t even out yet. The ONLY books that don’t make it there are the books I have ARCs of, which then go on my Review Copies shelf.

    I don’t have any problem with my official TBR being hundreds of books long. Sometimes if I want something smaller to deal with that I can actually tackle and finish, I’ll make a monthly TBR but other than that, I’m fine with where it stands!
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  3. My Goodreads is purely there for my OCD mindset. I need to know what I’ve read, I need to know what’s on my kindle, computer, and on my physical shelves. I only add books I don’t have on very rare occasions, and frequently take some off as I loose interest. I just like seeing everything there. It’s pretty cool to know that I’ve read at least 1557 books in my lifetime (of the books I remember).

    That being said my TBR is WAY out of control. I have over 1400 kindle books I still need to read and a little over 200 I physically own that are unread. But if I see a book that’s free for kindle that I want I one-click with no hesitation, I don’t have the money to buy a ton of actual books so that keeps my TBR from climbing too much and my rooms from becoming a scene from Hoarders.
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  4. My GR to-read list has over 700 books! The insanity! I have tons of secondary shelves for them, though, separating the books I own (and their different formats), arcs, and other books I have to read sooner from the ones I want to buy the most. And then there’s all the rest that is just sort of hanging there waiting for an opportunity.
    I try to stick to my physical/ebook TBR, but sometimes a book I don’t already own will call out to me and it’s hard to shut them up.
    I have some kind of self control in buying books or even adding to my amazon wishlist, but on the goodreads “to-read” shelf there’s room for everyone!
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  5. My TBR list makes me cry. I didn’t start off having one; it just happened. Once you have a list of books you want to read, it’ll grow and grow, and eeeeeeep! I just put whatever books that sound interesting. One of these days, I will have to go throw and take books I’m probably never reading off my TBR list. Right now, it’s just all in the “to-read” category, but I should make a “in-consideration” list.
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  6. I’m with Bekka. And it’s out of control. I know that I’ll never get through it. But it sits there being all happy to have so many books. I also keep a list of books I want to read soon in my planner. I cross them off as I go. Some are tour stop books, and others are books that I need to read now because how can I go on without reading them. So many books, so little time. πŸ˜›
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  7. I have this problem times a thousand. I literally have thousands of books on my Goodreads to-read shelf. Clearly that isn’t meaningful anymore since I can’t ever read all the books in my lifetime. I do have a smaller TBR list for books I actually own -and that one I hundreds of books long. It is constantly getting longer, not shorter, so I don’t know how some people can reduce their TBRs.

  8. Honestly… my amazon wishlist is my TBR list. I have a real TBR pile in my bedroom, obviously, and those are the books I’m going to read. And then if I’ve found more books that I REALLY NEED, they’ll go on my amazon wishlist. And if there are some that I cannot live without, they’ll go into my Amazon basket. I wish I could say I have a goodreads list, but I kind of don’t. I tend to forget goodreads, if I’m honest.
    Beth x

  9. I don’t have a physical TBR shelf or pile. And my Goodreads to-read shelf is full of books that I’ve stumbled upon on Goodreads or wherever and have deemed as possible interesting reads at some point. Some are ones I really want to read, some are just ones that seemed interesting – like, if I ever run out of books to read, this one could be readable. Then I created a maybe-read shelf, that is for books that I maybe would like to read, but it’s basically another to-read shelf with a minor unclear difference πŸ˜€
    Just as some others have said, the shelf contains all the books I might ever want to read.
    As Pili said, a girl can dream… πŸ˜€
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