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Happy Sunday my loves! Last week I was over at There Were Books Involved and Nikki had this AH-MAZING post about ARCs and unnecessary feelings of obligation (seriously, check that post out!). This post screamed at me to adjust my perspective and stop forcing guilt on myself when it comes to ARCs, and trust me I am so bad at this! I’ll feel so guilty about not finishing an ARC which only makes me not want to read anything which of course doesn’t fix anything! It’s a vicious ugly cycle.

Whats wrong with me

So, while reading said post I started feeling better about the whole “ARC debacle” and all was right with the world. Until yesterday when I found myself feeling guilty about the lack of YA reviews I (not Shelly cause Shelly kicks YA ass) have contributed lately. So I looked at my Goodreads to see when was the last time a YA book blew me away and you know what? I haven’t read a single YA book in 2015 so far.


I know I know…WHO AM I?! But all I’ve been reading is NA and Adult books and I’ve been feeling so guilty since RSR is a predominately YA book blog. Even though I know it’s fantastic to like a variety of genres. Even though I KNOW I shouldn’t feel bad. Even though a TON of these books are awesomesauce! I STILL FEEL GUILTY! Not guilty about the kind of books I’m reading. I wasn’t guilty about that. But I felt guilty about changing focus when RSR’s roots are in YA. You lovely readers have come to know (and like? understand?) our YA rantings. What does it mean for RSR? For our…readers? For my publisher contacts? I still like YA (wait till you see my The Sin Eater’s Daughter review!) but how can I make it all fit in a way that makes sense? Do you guys ever feel the pressure to focus on a particular genre? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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  1. I’m so glad my post got you feeling better about ARC’s, Octavia! But NOOOOO you should not feel bad for not focusing on YA! This is your blog, and you need to do what makes YOU happy. Just because a blog starts as one thing doesn’t mean it can’t branch out. Don’t worry about your readers – we will always be here. And your publisher contacts – doesn’t this mean that your blog might now be open for even more awesome stuff? I used to focus on mainly YA, but I changed my own NG/EW bio and the blog info I put in all my request emails to include adult SFF – because that’s something else I get excited about. This is a good thing.

    So, “How can I make it all fit in a way that makes sense?” YOU DO YOU. That’s it! It makes sense because it’s what you’re reading, what you want to talk about – isn’t THAT what RSR is all about? 😉
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  2. I agree with everything Nikki said. Mine started out as primarily YA, but now there is more NA and Adult. Just do whatever you want to do. We are allowed to evolve. Just because I don’t review as much YA as I used doesn’t mean that’s all my blog should cover. Do what feels right!
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  3. I definitely feel pressure to focus on YA over at my blog too. I’m trying to not feel pressure but it’s difficult. Whenever I get stressed because I haven’t been reading a lot of YA (definitely 2015 I have been reading more adult romance) I just remind myself how much I love reading book blogs with lots of variety. But you should absolutely read what you want. It’s okay if that shifts over time.
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  4. I like not having our blog be primarily anything as it gives us freedom to read and review whatever we want. ARCs do have too much pressure, so turning off review requests has been awesome. Sometimes you just get burned out on a genre and need to read something else for a while.
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