Repeating the Month: February!

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My month was all kinds of crazy. Between a new job, a new school semester and more books to read, I’ve had enough of being so busy! I just want to have some time to just lay down and watch ALL THE MOVIES. Speaking of, I’ve decided to watch a movie a day and that’s been going well so far. I’ve been using my Letterboxd account (it’s GR for books) and I’m having fun! I’ve decided to take a break from writing and such but maybe when life calms down, I’ll have time to continue writing. I can’t wait until March, IT’S ALSO MY BLOGOVERSARY ON RSR, woooooOOO! Okay, I think that’s it.
Books Readcompulsion_addtag The Last Time We Say Goodbye A Darker Shade final for Irene Stone In The Sky Fairest The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone I'll Meet You There Vanishing Girls We All Looked Up
(see how many books I can read when I don’t write?!)
Where Shelly read ALL THE BOOKS my February was much less eventful. I only made it through two (yes just two 🙁 ) books:
Hero Best Kind of Broken
But I’ve been busting my tush at school (woot woot steady 3.75 GPA) and work is starting to pick up and with all the snow days mini me has had lately I just haven’t had time! I’m hoping March will be better though. I did have a few “date nights” in Feb where I saw:
Fifty Shades of Grey Movie
Which I saw with my sister (awkward!) but honestly liked overall!
Big Hero 6
I actually JUST watched this with the mini me the other day and I could not stop sobbing! Seriously one of the best animated films I’ve seen since…well since…Princess and the Frog? Yes. Since then.

And, as Shelly said we’re going to be celebrating our cob logger blogoversary soon and TRUST ME you don’t want to miss the giveaway we’re tying to it. It’s so big and awesome I actually get a little nauseous whenever I think of it.

Loki gif


Any who! That was February for us! Here’s to an equally (if not better) March!


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