I know this is typically a space for bookish thoughts and rambling but today I just HAVE to share with you guys all my feels for my latest purchase! (Warning my pictures aren’t the best but darn it I tried!)


A planner?! That’s it?

Not just a planner. An Erin Condren Life Planner…

Buzz Lightyear Impressed

As many of you know I am a planner/organizational junkie. Seriously. The way many of you worship coffee is how I worship planners, organizers, sticky notes, ALL OF THAT STUFF. So obviously when I saw someone on instagram share a pic of their brand new Erin Condren planner I had to check it out.

You Look Lovely

But all the shiny in the world couldn’t prepare me for the sticker shock I encountered next. You see, these planners are BEAUTIFUL and they honestly have a space for EVERYTHING. But with that awesome comes at a price STARTING at fifty bucks. That’s right. A freaking planner STARTING at 50 dollars. Obviously I got over that and ordered one anyway but I seriously spent an entire week going back and forth on if I could honestly justify dropping that much money on a planner. The short answer? YES! OH MY GOSH YES IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE 58 DOLLARS I SPENT ON MY FIRST (of TWO) ORDERS! But let me show you why it’s worth it. For me anyway.

Plus #1.

I was able to personalize the cover! This may not seem like a big deal but I love the thought of it having that extra touch of Octavia on the front! Not just my name, but the quote under it is MINE. It’s what I want this year to be about and I love that little reminder everytime I pull this beauty out.

Plus #2.

The month view is the PERFECT size! I can write in the boxes, use stickers (more on those soon!) whatever!

Full April View


Plus #3.

The month view also has a small “notes” section. Perfect for just a quick glimpse of what’s coming up that month.

April Quote & Notes View

Plus #4.

No hourly break up of your day. I HATE planners that have the day broken up on an hour by hour basis. What if I’m running late? What if I don’t know how long that oil change will take? What happens then?! I don’t like that kind of pressure and it looks stupid. This is way easier and better (for me) to work with.

Weekly View

Weekly View Full

Plus #5.

There is a section for notes. Wait. Not just a section like what we’ve seen so far. I mean a full on 19 LINED pages for note taking and another full 19 pages (unlined) for whatever you see fit!

Blank Space

Notes Section2

Plus #6.

Accessories!!! Hear me out ok? Remember how I said I’m an organizational junkie? Well Erin Condren has EVERYTHING covered! A wellness journal (I’m trying to make better life decisions), a PERMANENT birthday book (which I love more than I thought) and a monthly budget book (seriously died and went to heaven).

Extra Books


Oh and STICKERS!! Pre-printed, custom, blank, small ones, big ones! STICKERS!!!!


Daily Dots

PrePrinted Stickers

Blank Stickers




Included Labels2

Included Labels

So yes…I’m in love with this planner. Yes I plan on and have already started to use it everyday. No I do not have any regrets. If you’re in the market for an awesome, pretty planner then the Erin Condren’s Life Planner is a great way to go! And, like everyone who makes a purchase, if you buy anything using my referral link below you’ll get some money off (as will I) and trust me, that $10 bucks makes a world of difference! So go forth my loves! Check out the Erin Condren site! If you don’t immediately fall in love I obviously didn’t use enough exclamation points! šŸ˜‰


15 thoughts on “I Ordered an Erin Condren Planner!!”

  1. I’ve been drooling over these for WEEKS and haven’t found anything that’s come close. There’s one – http://www.personal-planner.co.uk/EN/ that allows you to personalise a planner, but it doesn’t come close to the Condren, but the price is easier to swallow… I’m getting a Condren in 2016 – I can’t justify getting it with this far into the year (the other planner site lets you start your 12 months whenever, that was another bonus). For now, I’m using a normal desk diary but personalising it a lot more to get into the habit of doing that, but I can’t wait for my Condren already!!
    Rachel recently posted…Review: Dumped ā€“ Stories of Women Unfriending WomenMy Profile

  2. After I saw this on instagram I went to check them out and I am IN LOVE! I desperately wish I had the extra money for this. I’m a planner/notebook addict and I’ve been dying for a planner that has all of the stuff you mentioned.
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Tiny Tot Review: Petropolis by Susanne Santoro Whayne & Christopher SantoroMy Profile

  3. I had one of these last year (it didn’t have the round stickers and I am kind of jealous!). I have a love affair with notebooks, planners, stationery… but I didn’t reorder because of the price. I think it is totally WORTH it, I just don’t have enough going on in my life that has to be scheduled to merit spending that much on a planner, no matter how pretty or well-designed.

    My only complaint, and it was a mild one, was how HEAVY it was to carry around. I liked having it in my purse or I would forget to enter things, but it was just a little too heavy to lug around. I really love how you’ve set up your system of labels to schedule your blog posts.

  4. I was wondering, did you choose the one with the horizontal layout or vertical? Vertical, no? I’m always unsure on that part! I never know which one to get. I think I want to order one too for the new year
    Jolien @ The Fictional Reader recently posted…Review: The Year of the RunawaysMy Profile

  5. I have the vertical but my friend has the horizontal one! I LOVE the color scheme of the horizontal one but the way I plan (for the blog) is best for the vertical layout! If I was using the planner to keep track of just my family then horizontal would be perfect!

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