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Welcome back to another Stop & Chat discussion! Today’s discussion starts, like most good things, with a story. You see, last week I told one of my residents (I’m a leasing consultant for a luxury apartment) that I LOVE reading. My resident, lit up by this information, jumped into questioning me about James Patterson. Now don’t get me wrong, I know WHO JP is. I know SOME of his work. But I’m no expert on the guy and he isn’t on my “authors I must buy all the things from immediately” list. This “confession” threw my resident for a loop and she asked a question I’ve been asked a lot lately…”Well what do you read?”. Ecstatic that I now have a reason to gush YA I reply with “I’m a huge lover of Young Adult Fiction! I like a ton of genres within that category, like Sci-Fi or fantasy or post-apocalyptic but all things YA are my thing”. And do you know what she said?

“Oh. So like kids books?”

Lucy Gasp

This was the third time in as many months that I had to remind myself that not everyone appreciates or understands YA. I had to explain to my co-workers that while YA is for “Young Adults” it doesn’t mean it’s on a 10 grade level. Of course then I was hit with “well when you read some grown up books I’d love some recommendations”.

Kick You

Since when does a person “grow out” of a genre?! I’m 25 and I, in all honesty, LOVE picture books! I also love zombies, ghost, love triangles (on occasion) mind-blowing world building, character development, smut (again, on occasion) magic and just BOOKS.

I know I don’t “have” to defend what I read but I am so over people looking down their nose at YA! So I’m saying it loud..



What about you? Have you experienced someone judging what you’re reading? Leave your experience in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~ Say It Loud! ~”

  1. Rarely anyone around me knows I read and I’m not the type to actively speak out so I haven’t really encountered anything like this. Sorry to hear you had to go through that! People can be so inconsiderate sometimes. I LOVE YA FICTION!! That’s all~~
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  2. I hate that that happened! I would have given her some suggestions on some fantastic ya books. The best revenge would be to get her hooked on our beloved “kiddie” books. Lol

  3. I get it all the time, especially now that I own a bookstore. I read everything, save a few genres and authors, but it still blows people’s minds that I enjoy reading below my age range. I mean what’s the big deal? It’s not like I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a teenager or what it was like to be in middle school. I get older women who straight out insult my reading tastes and then have the nerve to suggest that something might be too adult for me. -_- *flips cash register over and leaves*
    I do NOT want to read about 20-29 years old all the time…I’m living this crap right now why would I want to read about it all the time too?
    Also as a side note, James Patterson books are incredibly easy reads (not necessarily bad though)…like middle school level writing, so for anyone to tell you they are more adult worthy than a YA books BOO on them!
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  4. Well, given how most of my reading is done in English to begin with, it’s a bit hard to talk about books with people that already give me a kind of “bloody snob reading in English like there aren’t enough good books in Spanish” look…
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  5. My friends make fun of me all the time. some of them read but they know my motto, its if not make believe it ain’t for me. This is a hard question for us since we read soooo much. My grandmothers friend asked me what had a read lately and without going into a 45 minute spiel i avoided the sit by saying what haven’t i read. That is why our community is so strong, we get each other. There is no age limit but those on the outside dont understand or dont have a clue what YA constitutes. Their loss! I get it though it is hard to explain to some people. Hope all is rainbows & kitten in your world!
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