Happy Sunday lovelies! Welcome to another Stop & Chat! This weeks discussion is one I’m sure will make for a…controversial (?) discussion…


I’ve been seeing more and more giveaway promotions in my feed and while I’m all for people winning awesome bookish things it can get a tad annoying. I’ll RT a giveaway post to help with exposure but I’ve noticed more and more people creating “giveaway” accounts that are totally separate from their day to day accounts. Something I consider grounds for disqualification personally but c’est la vie. I’m noticing more and more people following a blog for a giveaway just to unfollow when the giveaway is over. And let’s not forget the giveaway host who work hard to provide theses giveaways and then are met with cheaters.

Any who my point of today discussion is to get your opinions on giveaways. Are you seeing the influx of giveaway only tweets? Have you recently read a giveaway and had to disqualify someone for “bad behavior”?

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  1. Giveaway only profiles have been around, but there are definitely more now than ever. I try to avoid doing the tweet entry on giveaways because I know it floods the twitter feed and I try to hit all of the giveaways I want to enter in one go, though it’s rare I enter them anymore (not enough space for all the awesome!). I also try to do my promo tweets either early in the morning or late at night when the feed traffic is slow. A lot of people do disqualify those with giveaway only accounts, but I personally have never had much of a problem with it. If I find a blog through a giveaway I always look through their content first to see if it’s a blog I want to follow, if it’s not a fit I just leave the giveaway alone and move on. My blog feed is full enough without adding blogs I don’t have an interest in for a gift card I probably won’t win anyway, lol.
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  2. I try to space all my giveaway tweets so I don’t overload my followers with all the giveaway tweets, but I can understand it might get annoying at some point. I know it might not be common but I usually only follow blogs for a giveaway if I feel I’m gonna like reading that blog once the giveaway is done. But I know not everyone does that *shrugs*
    Cheaters won’t prosper, I had to disqualify someone because the winning entry was commenting on the blog and she had not commented!
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  3. I’ve always been curious about this. I see a lot of bloggers say they disqualify giveaway accounts, which I totally understand, but I always wonder what criteria they use to make the determination. I try to either do giveaway tweets early in the morning or later at night, but I always worry that they will bury my “real tweets.” Especially because when you view someone’s profile, it doesn’t show your interaction with other accounts, which I do a lot. It doesn’t help that I am a SUCKER for a giveaway hop, so sometimes it can be a ton of tweets. I will say, though, that I won’t enter to win something unless I REALLY want it. So, it’s either a book I’ve been interested in or a gift card.

    TLDR/ I totally understand why bloggers hate giveaway accounts, but I worry mine looks like one since I DO enter a lot of them, even though I am also tweeting for “real.”

  4. I am a giveaway junkie! I enter a ton of them, but I don’t do the whole follow then unfollow thing. If following is mandatory, and I’m not already following them, then I just skip the giveaway. It’s not fair to them or their actual followers to have me be greedy and enter when I’ll not be following for long.

    I haven’t hosted many, but I did disqualify an entrant one time, because she was entering with two accounts! Who does that?!?!?! Besides her, obviously. 😛
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  5. I had what seemed to be a giveaway account win my recent giveaway but I hadn’t put it in the rules that they couldn’t enter so in the end I picked two winners. I do get annoyed on Twitter and Instagram when my feed is clogged with giveaway entries but at the same time I want to enter myself so it’s hard to know what to do sometimes!
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