So You Want To Go To BEA? ~ Tip #3: LET IT GO! ~

February 23, 2015 Features & Spotlights 2



Oh come on! You knew a Frozen gif was coming! In fact ALL THE FROZEN GIFS ARE COMING!!!


Ok but seriously, welcome to another “So You Want To Go To BEA” post! Last month we had a VERY lengthy discussion about Planning Your Heart Out and this month we’re going to LET IT GO!

That’s right all that hard work we did last month? Out the window!

Frozen Punch

Hear me out ok? Yes you absolutely HAVE to have your hotel, flight, roommates, transportation and outfits figured out. I believe that 1000%! But if you try to stick to an EXACT schedule while on the floor all you’re going to do is stress yourself out and leave completely disappointed. There are people to meet, things to sign, totes to grab, panels to listen too! It’s all so much and there really is never enough time to hit every single thing.

Nikki actually put it best:

Nikki & I

For example! If you know, without a doubt, that you MUST go to the Sarah J Maas signing put that on your shortlist. (And small heads up, last year’s line for Maas was honest to God a 4 hour wait. Can’t make that up. O_O)  Any who! Make a list of things that are a “must“. Then a list of “would be cool“. Then a list of “if I have time“. Followed by a “Meh. If I’m over there“. And USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM! While you’re in that super long autograph line have a friend hit the Penguin (or whomever) ARC drop! Drops are crazy yet super fun and you don’t know what’s dropping or when until it’s almost go time. This is one of the bigger reasons why a 100% certain plan for the floor is basically impossible. There are so many drops, signings and events that aren’t even released until the doors open! It makes it hectic but it also gives you a chance to snag a book that you had no clue would be there!

So my lovelies, this months discussion ends with a task. Since we do not have the full author list (it won’t come out till about April) I ask WHO (authors/bloggers) are you most excited to meet at BEA and WHAT book are you’re praying to the book Gods for? Leave your answers in the comments below and look out for next months topic:


2 Responses to “So You Want To Go To BEA? ~ Tip #3: LET IT GO! ~”

  1. Pili @ In Love With Handmade

    I’m already making my list of ARCs that I will die to get my hands on, then the authors that I’d kill to get into a signing line, and then everything else will be a “sure if I can” sort of thing!

    What’s bothering be beyond words this year is that I keep on seeing ALL THE ANNOUNCEMENT about authors coming to BookCon but NOTHING so far about authors being at BEA, and I don’t even know if that an author is gonna be at BookCon means they WILL also be at BEA or that they WON’T and just be at bloody BookCon! *grumpy face*
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  2. Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

    This is so true! Plans are great and you should definitely prioritize but sometimes you just need to drop everything because you just saw a person with one of you most anticipated reads of the year that you didn’t know was being dropped and then you find out it’s actually an in-booth signing with the author! And so many things happen at the same time. You can’t possibly do it all. Unless you’ve invented cloning or teleporting and if you have let me know how to do it!

    The buddy system is great. Having someone snag an ARC for you or holding your place in line while you wander the floor. And I think sometimes it definitely pays off to wait in line for your must have books. Waiting in line can be really great because you can sit down and relax at the same time you can meet some amazing people (like you and Nikki). Amiright?

    And who am I most excited to meet? Anyone. Everyone. A handful of authors I was hoping to see are going to BookCon like Sarah J. Maas, Rainbow Rowell, Alexandra Bracken, Marie Lu, Leigh Bardugo, etc. I’m hoping they’re also at BEA but I may also brave the mayhem of BookCon because how can I not with this lineup!
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