A “Quick” Thank You

February 6, 2015 Random Ramblings 0

I make it a point to personalize my posts here on RSR. I add mini stories and tons of personality and I try to make sure you lovely folks can in all honestly feel like we’re just chilling out on the couch talking. But I rarely do full on “personal” non-bookish post. If you follow me on twitter you may have witnessed my mini meltdown.

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Small background story. Last year I went through a really tough break up with my daughters dad. I know break ups are hard no matter what but in all honesty it threw me into the kind of depression that left me in bed for days. If it weren’t for my mom and sister I would have never moved. I put six years, two apartments, a cross-country move, one house and a beautiful little girl into this relationship and then out of nowhere I’m told it’s over and I’m left standing in an airport alone with just the clothes on my back and a cheap ticket back to my mothers. Obviously I was devastated and it took me a very long time to come to terms with what happened. Fast forward to one year later and now the same man who told me for six years straight he “just isn’t the marrying type” is engaged and scheduled to be married in less than a week from today.

Throughout this I’ve always kept a smile on my face and put one foot in front of the other. Do I occasionally fantasize about him being trampled by a moose? Of course. But no matter what I keep on going with minimal cursing, tears or obvious anger. Then I reached my breaking point and tweeted the above. I soon realized that I honestly have the kind of friends people spend eternity wishing for. Pili, Meredith, Alexia, Jenna, Nikki, Crystal, Kristen, Jessi, Mishell, Angie, LaLa and so many others flooded my twitter feed with so much love and I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. My sister always says “They aren’t “real” friends” and even though I always say of course you are, today I can feel how true it is.

You’ll notice I disabled comments for this post. I know now that so many of you are in my corner and I don’t need you to comment to tell me that. I just wanted to take a “quick” second and say thank you all so much. I know it’s an easy thing for some to say but I really do love so many of you with all my heart.

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