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It’s been a while since we chatted guys! I’ve been a busy mess but I am here with a topic I’ve been sitting on for AGES!!


Buddy Reads!

I know this seems like an odd topic but I really just need to rant amongst my fellow book nerds! You see, I realized a while back that I am not a good “buddy read” candidate. I LOVE the idea of buddy reading but when it actually comes down to the actual act I fail…EPICALLY.

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I’ve come to realize that I am just too stubborn for it. Just the thought of “let’s read this, this week, this much a day” makes me want to dig my heels in and scream YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

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I understand this is ridiculous and totally a mind over matter kind of thing but for the life of my I just can’t overcome it. Even when I KNOW I’ll love the book I still have this horrible habit of procrastinating or tossing the book to the side altogether. And it’s not just with buddy reads; I do this with ARCs too! It’s one of the main reason why I stopped accepting ARC request a while back. I was so burnt out from reading on a schedule that I shut down. I let it build to a point where instead of just dialing down the ARCs I couldn’t even think about them. I seriously went from planning and drafting ALL THE THINGS to avoiding ARC request emails. Not the best trait in a book blogger. 🙁

And it makes me feel so bad! I’ll have a friend ask if I want to buddy read, or get excited that I’m about to start a book they loved and the pressure just KILLS it. I used to love buddy reading and scheduling my reads but now I seriously think about it and immediately want to take a nap! I’m working on getting over this craziness but tell me….am I alone? Do you ever feel so overloaded you just have to walk away? Tell me in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Stop & Chat! ~Buddy Reading~”

  1. I hate buddy reading, period. It’s just not for me, and I never do it. My problem is that once I start a book, I give myself a few hours to read it in one sitting. Most people read at a more staggered pace, and I hate reading slowly (too much to read in a short amount of time)! So… it’s not them, it’s me :/

    Excellent post, Octavia!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!
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  2. I AM EXACTLY THE SAME WAY when it comes to “buddy reading”! I have only participated in… what?… two read alongs in my entire life as a blogger? And I sucked at 50% of those! I do not like being told what to read and when. Not at all. The stress! The implied expectations! The lack of freedom! Ball and chain to the max.

    This is one reason I seldom participate in tours, accept requests or even request many ARCs/books myself. I am a mood reader with a stack of books next to my bed that I am DYING to read – and even then I will often deviate from the stack. Call me fickle – call me a lone reed – call me “unsociable” or “uncooperative” or whatever… But I will read what I want to read when I want to read it – dagnabbit!
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  3. Yup, this is so me! I like the idea of buddy reads but the practise is not so fun. And so many times I have almost “died” to get my hands on an Arc and whaddya know? It’s still unread because even though I know it’ll be great I’m just like “meh” when I pick it up! I haz a fail!

  4. I always want to do buddy reads…and then I do them and I’m like NOPE! The only time I do them now is if my boyfriend wants to read something, because it’s so rare that he actually reads I get all excited. Anytime I feel like I have to read something I immediately want to chuck the book out the window.

    So you’re totally not alone!
    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted…Reading & Ranting: For the Love of Blogging Part 1 – Moving ForwardMy Profile

  5. I’m a huge mood reader, and to make matters worse, I’m an indecisive one. I’d never be able to sit with a friend and say, “Okay, we’re both going to start reading [insert book title] next week.” What if I’m in the mood for a fantasy and our buddy read is sci-fi? What if a want tension and heart break and the book is extra fluffy? It just doesn’t work out. That’s also why I only request ARCs months in advance, so I have plenty of time to wait until I’m in the mood for that particular book.

    I’m also a huge fan of binge reading. I could never draw out a book reading for more than a week.
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  6. I’ve tried buddy reading a few times, and it doesn’t really work for me. It’s great if we both read at the same pace, but my reading pace varies depending on the book, and how much I feel like or have time for reading.

    I also have the scheduling problem with ARCs – I never have liked being told what to read and, even though I pick the books to review, the deadlines stress me out and sometimes it just puts me in a major reading slump.
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  7. I like buddy reading, but I don’t want to do it too often. Like you said, I don’t really like knowing that I have to read a certain number of pages on a day. On the other hand, it’s really easy to discuss things if you’re both on the same part in the book. They’re fun, but they don’t always work. I’m currently doing a buddy read where one is really enjoying it, the other has put it on hold, and I’m slumping like mad. 😛
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  8. I love buddy reads because I love having someone to read and flail about the spoilery stuff as it’s happening, but it’s not always easy to do! With different schedules and the like it’s not always easy to keep the pace with someone else.
    And since I’m always reading more than book at a time, I rarely get slumped when I feel like I have to read something… if that’s not working for me, I turn to something that’s a comfort read!
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