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It’s Sunday!! Which means time for us to slow things down and chat! Today’s topic is one that is a bit odd considering whom I’m talking to…


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If you follow RSR you may remember my The Book Spending Debacle of 2014 post I did last month. It started a great discussion and made me question YOUR book buying habits.

For instance, I’d pay full price for any of the books in the Other’s series by Anne Bishop (Written in Red cost 26 bucks at B&N!) but I would never pay more than 9.99 for an ebook. I don’t have a budget per se but am trying to be more conscientious of how much I’m spending. I try, very hard, to buy the finish copy of ARCs I love. I’m all about showing support after all. But what about you? How much are you willing to spend on one book? Do you buy more ebooks? Hardbacks? Paperbacks? Do you have a monthly budget? Yearly? Do you buy multiple copies of one? What about buying after you’ve read an ARC? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!!

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14 thoughts on “Stop & Chat! ~Book Buying~”

  1. My book buying secrets? Well let’s see, I won’t spend more than $10 on an E-book, I generally won’t buy new hardbacks (despite me really really wanting to) unless they’re from Book Outlet or on sale (which rarely happens). I generally buy E-Books since they’re cheaper and don’t take up space. And they’re way easier to hide from my mom. 🙂

    I don’t generally buy ARCs, but that’s because I’m always either catching up with backlist books or buying new ones, though there are a couple ARCs I want to buy (Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang and The Walled City by Ryan Graudin).

    As for my book budget…Er, $100-150 every three months. Though I totally went over that from September…

    I definitely do not buy more than one copy of a book….well….Unless I have it in paperback and find a hardcover for cheap (The Time Traveler’s Wife=$2, My Sister’s Keeper=$2) and since I bought both of those cheap to begin with, I don’t feel bad at all for having two copies. 🙂 I keep the HC in my room whereas the PBs are elsewhere in the house..

    This is a great discussion.
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  2. I tend to buy books when there’s a sale or from online cause they’re a little cheaper than in stores. I have a weakness for hardcover books so I always go for hardcovers even though they’re more expensive haha. I never buy duplicates but if I read something as an ebook and I really loved it, then I’ll consider buying a physical copy cause I know I’ll want to reread it! I’m usually good about not buying too many books so I don’t really have a budget 😀
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  3. I buy paperbacks if they are available because they are cheaper but I’ve been known to spend close to $20 on hardcovers before, but only if they were favorite authors or ones I was dying to read. As far as ebooks go, my cut off is around 5-6$. I just can’t make myself spend more than that haha.
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  4. I’m like yourself, I don’t spend as much on eBooks, I just pick them up when they’re really cheap. I prefer paperbacks because they’re cheaper and take up less space, I’ll only pick up hardbacks when they’re on sale. I pay full price, or at least more, for my favourite authors like Colleen Hoover, because I’m pretty sure I’ll love it so I risk paying more and also because they’re rarely cheaper. I rarely buy a book when I’ve read the ARC unless I love it. I read eARCs exclusively, because I haven’t braved asking publishers for physical ARCs yet, so if I love it I want a physical book on my shelves. Your spending post actually inspired me to checkout my spending for 2014 so I’m posting about it this week!
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  5. I stupidly (Or Wisely) totalled my kindle purchases for 2014 and Not even including my physical copy purchases I could have went to BEA with the money! And I live in fricking Ireland!!! So I’m on a book ban lol. But 90% of my purchases do tend to be on kindle because lack of space and my local bookshop is appalling for choice. I try not to spend more than 2.99 on ebooks and I set up deal alerts for my wishlist because they will usually go on sale at some stage. I’ll usually only buy physical copies of books if I adore the cover due to the space issues! I will always purchase a copy of an ARC I enjoyed no matter what! Usually kindle!
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  6. I don’t have a book budget, since I rarely ever buy books. When I do, I have a strict $3 limit. Yes, that’s for ebooks and physical copies. I use my Amazon credit to buy Kindle books, usually only when they’re on sale for $0.99, but if it’s a book that I really, really, really want right now and it’s $2.99, I’ll get it.

    I almost never buy physical books. Maybe once or twice a year I’ll get some used books from if they’re having a sale, since it sticks to my $3 limit. My only exception is for signed books. I spent $17 on a signed copy of Fire & Flood for Christmas.
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  7. Budget? What’s that? *smirk* I have no budget per se, but I do try and limit my spending. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view) I do most of my reading on the tablet/Kindle/phone, so most books I buy are not that expensive.

    But here are the quirks: I hesitate to buy an ebook by an unknown to me author if the book is $2.99 or more. On the flip side, I am in the bad habit of buying new ebooks in series I read, regardless of the cost. I also have trouble justifying purchase of a book if I know I’ll never reread it. I think the most I’ve paid for an ebook is $13.99. Yikes.

    I have bought finished copies (either physical or Kindle) of some books I read as ARCs, but not as many as I should. I suck.
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  8. Ugh, someone needs to help me with this, because I am seriously going to have to declare bankruptcy and live in the boxes all the books were shipped in. So, I used to buy ebooks more, because they were cheaper. But lately, I have been borderline hoarding physical books. I like to own hardcovers, but in reality, I enjoy reading paperbacks more. But since I pre order so many books, it ends up being probably 80% hardcover. As for the ARC question, I have only started requesting ARCs a few months ago (I was scared haha) so they are just starting to be released. There are a handful that I have really loved and do want physical copies of, but I think they are lower on the priority list, since I have already read them. As for a budget, I have none (though believe me, I should!) but I try to keep it to 5 or 6 a month. It doesn’t work very well 😉
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  9. I rarely am willing to pay more than $4.99 for an ebook. To me, they’re like mass market paperbacks and $4.99 is a totally fair price for them. I like buying hardbacks better than paperbacks because I like to get them signed whenever I can. But since I read most everything from my library and then buy the books I like and will re-read, I don’t really have a budget. I can let myself buy what I want because I already know I like it.
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  10. I’m super careful about my book buying money…in other words, I barely buy books. I’ve gotten so use to not buying books regularly or having money for ebooks that I really hate spending anything over like $5 on them. Yes, they are totally worth it…but it’s a hard habit to break sometimes. Out of the thousands of kindle ebooks on my kindle I’ve actually purchased around…15? The rest were all freebies at some point. I do a ton of bargain shopping as well. I’ll got to thrift stores and goodwills to find books, and spend a lot of time on BookOutlet or ThriftBooks to see if I can find anything I have to have.

    I’ve spent more lately on books than I have in a long time.
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  11. I’m a terrible person and talk my parents (read, my mother) into buying any ebooks for me — we all use the same Kindle account, so it’s REALLY like she’s buying it for her and my dad. But if I have any other books by that author on my actual physical book shelves, I will go buy it. And it HAS to match the rest of the series (except for Kim Harrison; I have hers all in paperback from before she started the hardcover thing, then wasn’t ever willing to wait to get the paperback — hers are now all hardcover for the second half or so of the series).

    What I really struggle with is buying something like the 7th book in the series when I don’t own any of the ones before that. Maybe I borrowed the previous ones from the library or something, but they don’t have the whole series. Then I have a weird halfway through the series thing, and that drives me nuts. But I’m not willing to spend money on the 6 books that I’ve already read anyway.
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