And The Survey Results Are In!!

January 9, 2015 Reviews 4

A few weeks ago Shelly and I took a page out of Oh, The Books! book and asked our lovely followers to complete a survey telling us what they liked (and didn’t like) about RSR, how they follow the blog and overall suggestions and today the results are in!

We actually learned a ton of great things from the survey such as:

How Do You Keep Up With RSR?

Twitter ~ 8
Feedly ~ 8
Bloglovin’ ~ 8
Regularly Visit ~ 6
Facebook ~ 1

What Type of Post Do You Like Seeing Most?

Top Ten Tuesday ~ 5
Reviews ~ 8
Reading After Dark ~ 2
ARC Reviews ~ 5
I Like Everything Equally ~ 8
Other ~ 4
Waiting On Wednesday ~ 1

What Posts Would You Like TO See Less Of?

I Like Everything Equally ~ 9
Waiting On Wednesday ~ 9
Reading After Dark ~ 1
Reviews ~ 1
Tours ~ 3
Other ~ 1

What Do You Think Of A Once Monthly Waiting On Wednesday?

Yes! ~ 16
Nope, keep it as it! ~ 5

How Do You Feel About Blog Tours

Don’t Care About Them ~ 14
Hate Them! ~ 3
Love Them! ~ 4

How Do You Feel About More Personal Post?

Love Them! Would Love To See More! ~ 19
No Preference ~ 2

What Do You Think Of Our Monthly Recaps?

Monthly Updates Are Fine ~ 15
Weekly Updates Would Be Great ~ 3
Doesn’t Matter ~ 3

Which of The Following Is Your Preferred Giveaway Options?

Amazon Giftcard ~ 10
B&N Giftcard ~ 10
Pay Your Own Postage ~ 5
Cleaning Out Shelves (ARCs) ~ 5
BookOutlet Giftcard ~ 2
Physical Books ~ 4

What Do You Think Of Our Current Look?

Love it, keep it the same! ~ 12
No Preference ~ 6
Could use sprucing up ~ 1

Shelly and I want to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey! You guys are important to us and we really do value your thoughts and suggestions. That said we would like to announce that we will no participate in Waiting On Wednesday. Instead we are introducing a RSR, once monthly feature that will showcase 8 of our most anticipated upcoming releases:


So many people said they were tired of WOW and Shelly and I thought this would be a great way to share our most anticipated without flooding you with the same old same old! RWR will be posted the 1st Wednesday of each month (excluding this month) and we’re excited to showcase some books!

Another change coming is our emailed newsletter. We see one size doesn’t fit all and we’re putting the frequency in YOUR hands! Just fill in the form below and you’re all done. If you decide you want to change the frequency in the future that’s an easy enough switch too! Just send Shelly or I a message and we’ll get on it!

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So again, thank you all for replying and I hope you enjoy the upcoming changes we have coming your way!

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  1. La La in the Library

    Yeah, much better than WOW. Some bloggers are so bored with WOW they just post the book cover and the GR link, not even saying why they are antivipating it. It is good to shake things up every once in awhile.

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