HAPPY SUNDAY! Today’s Stop & Chat hit me in the face while at work one day and I just have to jump right in ok? OK.

YA Love

Most of you are probably looking at today’s topic and are convincing yourself that I’ve gone off the deep end since this obviously makes NO sense. Well you’re wrong! Let me explain.

So I was at work when my boss comes in talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie (which has now become an office outing) when one of the girls I work with says she hasn’t read the book. I, being the book nerd that I am say “in all honesty the book sucks major eggs but I’m still excited about the movie”. From here she says “I want to start reading more but need recommendations”…..



Needless to say I start writing out a full on list of books I think she’ll love, mostly contemporary, NA and PNR but good books all the same. Long story short we get into a conversation about the books I read and how I stumbled into my love for YA. (Told you the topic made sense!) And though I gave her no answer at that moment it did make me think. When did I realize YA was my spirit animal?

I was always a huge reading in middle school but for stupid reasons (teasing) cut back on reading in high school. Then 4 years ago I got a Nook and found my love for reading all over again. But I was lost on what I “should” read. So I bought a few “romance” books (since I’m an adult female), a few Sookie Steakhouse books because they were “grown up” but fun and while I flew through them I wasn’t in love. Then I picked up the Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking. I didn’t know it was “YA” at the time, only that I really liked what it was. Not too serious, complicated or Earth shattering but still a good read. I started looking at B&N recommendations that referenced the series and discovered Kristin & P.C. Cast, Melissa Marr, Cassandra Clare and Shelly Crane. Shelly Crane is when I fell in love with the YA genre. I loved her Significance series so much and re-read it frequently. Especially when I just need to snap myself out of a “reading to review” slump.

I love other genres and categories too but YA is my one true bookish love. Which brings me to today’s Stop & Chat! When did you realize you had a favorite genre? What is it and what is your favorite book(s) within said genre?

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  1. My reading experience is very similar to yours! I used to read when I was younger but stopped, not because of teasing but because nobody around me shared my enthusiasm for books. It was depressing when I had no one to discuss and gush over the stories and characters with. Then around two years ago, I got a kindle. I’ve been reading continuously and haven’t stopped since. Which is also why I started blogging. I found ways to share my love for books with other people! So thankful for it~ I think YA and NA are my favourite. I just love how much fun I have while reading them. I get pulled into the stories and don’t want them to ever end hahaha. I especially love Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter world. It’s one of the most unique worlds I first came across while reading and it’s been a favourite of mine since then 😀
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