Repeating The Month

It’s December my loves which means it’s time to take a sec and look back at November before jumping into December’s goals!

Things were actually pretty quiet at RSR in November. Shelly was crazy busy with school and I picked up a 2nd job (which I have since quit) and reading as well as blogging sort of fell to the wayside. We did manage to get a few reviews in though!

Saving The CEO I'll Give You The Sun Glory OBriens History of the future don't look back I Want It That Way The Young Elites Lead

Not too bad in the review department! Looks like I’ll Give You The Sun and I Want It That Way were our “best of the month” as far as review goes. Each getting 5 stars and gushy yet awesome reviews.

Books Read

Shelly kicked ass when it comes to reading this month! She managed to read:

Blue Lily, Lily Blue Vision In Silver The Young Elites The DUFF The Boy Next Door

I Read:


Review is scheduled and let me tell you now:

Kurt No


Date Night

Obviously working 2 jobs means I didn’t really get to treat myself to the movies in November BUT! My job host a “movie” night on a huge projector and I stayed to watch:


I had “meh” expectations for Maleficent, but in all honesty it was 1,000x’s better than the original fairy tale. THIS is what a retelling should be! A beautiful yet unexpected twist on a story we know. I snagged me a copy thanks to Amazon’s Black Friday sale!!!

And that’s repeating November! Like I said things were pretty quiet but we still had a pretty good month filled with great books and Maleficent.

joint signatrue

And I want to take a second to congratulate Shelly. On top of school, her job, and RSR she has started submitting college applications and has already started receiving early acceptance letters. I am so happy for you and proud of you Shelly.

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