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Happy Sunday my lovelies!!! As always I’m happy to have you all back for another Stop & Chat discussion. This week I wanted to go over something that always stumps me and leaves me feeling like a complete noob…


That’s right interviews. I’m fine with being interviewed but when it comes comes to conducting interviews myself I completely suck at it!

Walk of shame

I get so excited by the fact the author or blogger has said yes that I completely blank and fall back on the same old questions every interviewer asks!

1. What inspired you?

2. Where’d the idea come from?

3. How hard was it to write “X” scene

and on and on and on till I realize how absolutely horrible I am at it!

Then I read other blogger interviews and all I can do is bang my head against the wall for not being creative enough to have thought up those questions! Which brings me to today’s Stop & Chat questions! How do you handle interviews? What are some of your favorite questions to ask? You most cringeworthy one?

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  1. I find interviews really difficult and when I do sign-up for an interview I usually put a lot of time in effort in them to make sure I ask original questions and then still feel like it isn’t enough. I always try to ask questions spcific to the book itself, alhtough I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the inspiration question, it’s fun to know the author’s reply. My most cringe worthy questions was when I asked the author why her book was genre X and what she liked about that genre. It seemed goodreads people categorized her book as the wrong genre and the author thought her book was a different genre, oops!
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  2. I love conducting interviews! I’ll usually spend a few hours stalking the author and reading as many of their interviews as possible before I try coming up with my own questions. This way, I’ll know if there’re questions they have been asked before. I avoid those like the plague.

    I then go on to thinking up my own questions. I always try to make them hard and ask questions which I believe will have profound answers. If I know an author is Mormon, I’ll ask how they think that fact is being reflected in their writing and if they think it influences it at all consciously or unconsciously. Or I’ll ask really weird stuff, like, if they had to kill of XYZ character, in XYZ book or XYZ scene of their own book, how would they do it, etc. etc.

    The weirder the better! At least this time the author will remember you! And that’s what counts.
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