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I have a feeling that today’s Stop & Chat is going to make for a fun and lengthy discussion! And you know that makes me giddy!


I know that’s a pretty broad topic but let me explain. We all have the experience of waiting and pinning for a book counting down the seconds till you can finally  crack it open and dive right in. The the moment comes! You have it in your hands, you’re a few chapter in and the excitement is still fresh but then you continue. Your excitement dies and you realize it’s not what you wanted. Not what you anticipated. You are disappointed.


It happens with library books, ARCs, pre-orders even books you forgot you had just to rediscover while rearranging your shelves! But I want to know how you handle these bits of disappointment. Personally, I latch onto twitter. I rant, I live tweet even screen shot dialogue. Anything to let out my frustration minus spoilers. Shelly, I’ve found, puts all those thoughts and feels into her review. Some people power through the book just to unleash a review so powerful it sticks with readers through sequels, cover changes and movie adaptations. How do you handle disappointing reads?

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12 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~Disappointing Reads~”

  1. At first I used to get really depressed over a book I didn’t like or couldn’t finish. I’ve spent all this money on these books that sometimes feel like my babies and then they end up disappointing me!! I find that now I am more picky about which books I’ll purchase. I read tons of reviews and then go with my gut and buy it. Other times I just turn a book I couldn’t stand into a craft project. Last year I read a debut book by an author that was absolutely adorable. I was so siked for her second release that I didn’t even read anything about it I just bought it. Well it stunk and I was upset so I made a mail holder out of that book. Saw it on Pinterest and made it. Now I have a cool book lover’s prop that holds my mail!

  2. I usually tweet about it too, thankfully I haven’t been highly disappointed as of late, but of course I end up reflecting it in my review too… It’s such a crappy feeling to not be able to like and enjoy and love a book you were highly awaiting and so excited for…
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  3. I’m probably the rant in my review type haha. I haven’t come across too many but when I have, I make sure I bring it up in my review. I’m the type that needs to explain my reasoning behind the disappointment 🙂

  4. Disappointing reads are the worst. But they are inevitable, I think. I’m not exactly sure how I handle them. I think I just try to be as honest in my review as I can.
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  5. I don’t mind when I don’t like a book, it happens. But disapointing books are the worst, I’ve had a few sequels that disapointed me and it’s really difficult to deal with. Sometimes I wish I could read a book without any expectations as that would be easier sometimes. The first example that comes to mind is the Soul Screamers series, I loved all the books except for the last 2 they just weren’t what I expected and while I still love the series in general I still feel a bit sad I didn’t enjoy those last two books as much as the earlier ones.
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