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Hello my lovelies! Welcome to another fantastical edition of Stop & Chat! Today I want to touch on something I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately:



BookOutlet is my new all time favorite website. I am honest to God obsessed with the site and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it! And for once I’m not being dramatic! Since Oct. 25th I’ve placed five, that’s right, FIVE orders!

Dont Judge Me RuPaul


And I can honestly say I don’t regret a single one! If you do a full on break down I’ve saved so much money via BookOutlet the money I did spend is not even a real thought. Don’t believe me? Well let’s break it down:

Order Number One:



2 hardbacks and 1 paperbacks ~ Regular Price Total: 46.69 | BookOutlet Price Total: 15.96 WITH SHIPPING

Order Number Two:



2 hardbacks and 7 paperbacks ~ Regular Price Total: 115.92 | BookOutlet Price Total: 35.47 WITH SHIPPING

Order Number Three:



2 hardbacks and 2 paperbacks ~ Regular Price Total: 55.96 | BookOutlet Price Total: 21.95 WITH SHIPPING

Order Number Four:

{stay tuned to twitter & instagram for a pic upon delivery}

7 hardbacks and 8 paperbacks ~ Regular Price Total: 206.84 | BookOutlet Price Total: 43.74 WITH SHIPPING AND $10 Off coupon


Order Number Five:

{stay tuned to twitter & instagram for a pic upon delivery}

2 hardbacks and 2 paperbacks ~ Regular Price Total: 55.96 | BookOutlet Price Total: 18.95 WITH SHIPPING


So see! All in all yeah I’ve spent 136.07 at BookOutlet. Yes that sounds like way more when I write it down BUT in comparison to the 434.68 I COULD have spent I’d say it was beyond worth it. In fact I’d say it was a good damn life decision. Which brings me to the meat of today’s Stop & Chat. Have you shopped at BookOutlet yet? If so what are your thoughts? If no WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Leave your answers below!

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18 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~ BookOutlet ~”

  1. You see this? This is me bookmarking BookOutlet. Whoa, you’ve got some really great deals on there!
    Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted…Confessions of a Part Time WriterMy Profile

  2. Good life decision! They have a “scratch & dent” section too that’s even cheaper and they’re still in good condition! You honestly can’t go wrong with BookOutlet! 😀

  3. Yes BookOutlet is awesome!! I’m on there everyday lol. Congrats on all your hauls, they look amazing 🙂
    Eileen @ BookCatPin recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #21My Profile

  4. BookOutlet makes me happy. I try to save as much money as I can, so having a site to buy a bunch of good books at low prices is awesome. I especially love the low prices of hardcovers (my favorite format). Between the two orders I made this month, I got 10 hardcovers and 2 paperbacks for a total of $56 (including shipping). My first order arrives next week and I’m so excited to get it! 🙂
    Kaitlin @ Reading is My Treasure recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (45) ~ The Last Haul of NovemberMy Profile

  5. Book Outlet is amazinggggg!!! I am actually, at the moment, carefully constructing my Black Friday deal cart haha. The savings are just too good to pass up! AND the book selection is fabulous 🙂 I get so excited whenever someone does a Book Outlet post because I love to see what they got and the savings haha.
    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (89)My Profile

  6. I’ve been on the site several times, but haven’t made any orders. Cheap books still cost, and my parents and I are trying to save where we can because I’m going to college soon. Lately, the library and Overdrive have been my best friends.
    Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist recently posted…New feature, Sci-Fi November, street teams and two SarasMy Profile

  7. I’ve never shopped at Book Outlet, I think another blogger mentioned it once. Wow you really saved a lot of money when you write it down like that! I do wonder how do they manage to get those prizes so low? Are these new books? I checked their site and while they ship international, no prizes are listed. The free shipping is the biggest reason I usually buy my phyiscal book copies at the Bookdepository, but I might check out Book Outlet next time.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Corruption by Susan Kaye QuinnMy Profile

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