Stop & ChatHappy Sunday my lovelies!!! As always I’m happy to have you all back for another Stop & Chat discussion. This week I wanted to go over something that has remained elusive to me…..

Reading Schedules!

I live by what I call organized chaos. My desk, my room, my purse even my car all, at first glance, look like these horrible monstrous messes. Yet if you asked for a pen, or paper clip or specific piece of paper I would be able to find it in seconds. So it’s no wonder that RSR is the same. I mean, look at my “post” calendar. The entire month of October is full of completed TTT, WoW, reviews, tours, discussions and other random post. To be perfectly honest 90% of the time I’m not really sure how this came to be but.. c’est le vie I suppose. Any who, something I can never….NEVER plan is what I read. I tried a TBR schedule and failed. I tried the TBR jar and failed again. Tried to let my readers pick and didn’t fail as hard.  I’m sure your can see the pattern here right?

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Obviously planning what I read just doesn’t work for me. I’m a mood reader, plain in simple. And I’m a rebel, which is ridiculous since I’m only rebelling against myself. O__O Seriously! Shelly and I tried making TBR videos and I had all these PLANS but I would only read 1 or 2 from the listen and 4+ that I didn’t even plan on and my mind-set was always “I read what I want so there!”….

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Don’t get me wrong, the mood will strike and I’ll fly through a few ARCs that HAVE to be read by a certain point but most of the time I just pick up a random book and jump in. For instance, I’m in this HUGE NA mood lately. I have a ton of beautiful books here I could be reading but I just want to drown in NA feels. I don’t think this is wrong but it seriously destroys any “planned” reading I may have had. Which brings me to today’s questions! Do you have a reading schedule? How do you stick to it? How do you keep it fun if you do have a schedule? As always leave your comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~Reading Schedules~”

  1. I’m a list person, or at least I want to be a list person. I make lists for everything, including what I should read next but… I’m a rebel too and also a mood reader. I never complete ANY list I make. It’s ridiculous. Why do I keep making them if I don’t follow them? I’ll never know. lol
    Megan Nicole recently posted…#Review: Bird Box by Josh MalermanMy Profile

  2. Because the act of making a list feels good! I’m the exact same way and I’m going to go about this a new way soon. Instead of making a list of the books I WANT to read for the month, I’m going to start making a list of books I DID read. That way my list impulse is satisfied but I also don’t feel as guilty about what I didn’t get to read! 😀
    Octavia recently posted…White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L ArmentroutMy Profile

  3. I have a reading schedule. I make a list of things I need to read by a certain date. But I also throw in books that I want to read. I also listen to books while at work to break up the reading schedule.
    Katrina @ Bookish Things recently posted…Tidbits: How Wee One got her nameMy Profile

  4. I never thought of audio books as something that could break up a schedule! I’m still really new to the world of audio books so I may have to try this one day.
    Octavia recently posted…White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L ArmentroutMy Profile

  5. YOU AND ME BOTH GIRL, you and me both. I used to have a little calendar book and would write down which books were releasing when. If it was something that I got from EW and it expires, I would write that book down in a different color. I would make a TO-READ list in the “notes” column beside each month. I would list them in order of importance. And sadly, I STILL couldn’t keep up with it. Some books that I promised myself I would read by a certain time made me want to read them less. It was a very UGHH KJSDFJDL type thing when I saw that my time was dwindling down and I saw all these other pretty books on my bookshelf that I wanted to read more than that book. The silly thing is that 90% of the time the books I kept putting off were ones I really wanted to read but since I put a deadline on them, I wanted to do anything but. Now I can say with complete confidence that I am a mood reader and will never be anything else. I’ve tried and failed and I am okay with that!

    PS-I live a very organized chaos life too!
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  6. I absolutely cannot follow a reading schedule either. Like you, I’m a huge mood reader, and I never know what my mood will be. And I can’t read something I’m not in the mood for. I don’t even try, really, although I do keep track of the release dates to any ARCs I have to attempt to get to them before their releases.
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…Review: Breathe by Kristen AshleyMy Profile

  7. Oh, believe me, I’m exactly the same! I plan to read a book then at the last minute, I change my mind an dread another one. Sometimes, I even leave the book I’m reading halfway through just because I’m not in the mood for that and start another one (I go back to the previous one in a couple of days though :P) Managing TBR list is the most stressful thing a reader has to go through, isn’t it?
    Book Maniac Reviews
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  8. Yep yep! I totally deleted my TBR list earlier this year (as well as my goodreads account). I no longer follow any sort of list or plan when I read/chose books. My new system is to just go to the library and browse the shelves, until something interesting jumps out at me 🙂 I’ve discovered so many amazing books this way, ones that I wouldn’t have given a chance if I had still been following a TBR list/reading schedule. Love how I read now and I don’t foresee myself every going back.

    Mood readers rock 😀
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  9. I’m a mood reader as well. I try to plan to read certain books soon, but then I end up picking up another one anyway, because I’m not in the mood for the first book for some reason. If I do force myself to read a book I’m supposed to be reading, I automatically don’t enjoy it as much. Still, it has to be done. But those TBR lists? If I list 10 books and give myself, say, a season, I’ll only have read two or so.
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  10. I never ever could follow a reading schedule. (Or any type of schedule for that matter.) I’m a mood reader and if I have to read something I have no desire to at the moment or have to read for a deadline, it easily becomes a chore and the most important factor – the enjoyment – goes away. I do book blogging because I love it. What’s the point in losing my passion for reading because of it?

  11. I’m a fairly organised person and I love having schedules and lists, etc. but for some reason writing a reading schedule doesn’t work for me. At all. It’s like whatever books I put on the schedule, when the time comes, I’m just not in the mood to read them! Now I just read whatever I feel like reading and that works for me 🙂
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