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Welcome to another Stop & Chat my dears! Today we’re going to have a little talk about…

Publisher Emails


So how often has this happened to you. You have a new contact at “X” publisher, and they send you an email. Before you even read the email you’re all excited just thinking about all the possibilities. Will it be the new fantasy book you’ve been itching for? Maybe that awesome sounding dystopian? Whatever it is you’re honored and positive it will be awesome.


Happy Dance

But then you read the email and see it’s not the crazy cool sounding paranormal or completely adorable contemporary. It’s some book you’ve never heard of, have absolutely NO interest in and are now staring at and thinking “what is this nonsense?!”.

Glee Awkward

Now you have to send  that super awkward “thanks but no thanks” email! Or, if you’re horrible like me, you pretend it doesn’t exist and don’t reply at all. O__O

Have you had any ”thanks but no thanks” emails lately? How do you handle them?

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10 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~Thanks but no thanks~”

  1. Ugh, YES! I ignore them completely. I state openly in my review policy that I don’t reply to review requests that I don’t want, so…yep! I don’t feel bad haha. But I get the “thanks but no thanks” physical copies a lot from Tor and Macmillan…it’s always either a) graphic novels (where did they get the idea that I even read them?!) or b) weird and obscure sci-fi novels, usually adult. I see the package from the pub and get all excited for a minute, then I open it and I’m like…what the crap is this? I don’t even know what this is! *sigh*
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  2. Bwahahaha! I get the odd package every so often but it’s usually the historical realistic fiction emails that force me to scratch my head and question how the hell they though this would work for me.

    I may steal your idea though! Putting it in the review request policy that I won’t reply would take away a lot of the guilt I feel. 🙂
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  3. Ugh, I hate this. I usually reply, just because I feel weird about not replying. I don’t know, like I’m being rude or something. But it’s SO AWKWARD, especially the part where I have to come up with a dumb way to phrase my complete lack of interest in a non-offensive way. Bleh. I should come up with a form reply for that!

  4. As a rule, I only reply with a (hopefully) kindly-written-sounding ‘thanks but no thanks’ email when the author/publisher requesting a review seems to have read my review policy (which means the book they’re offering for me to review is in my mentioned preferred genres) and it seems like they actually took the time to write me an email and it’s not just a preformatted ‘hi, please review this book’ email, you know? Otherwise, I ignore as well. 🙂
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