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Happy Sunday!! I hope you guys are having a fantastical day so far and if not…go grab some chocolate! πŸ˜‰ Chocolate aside today’s Stop & Chat is about something near, dear and completely frustrating for me.


Reading Goals!

I started blogging in November 2012. From January to October 2012 I read 103 books. 103 books, with no goal, no agenda no thoughts outside of “oh this sounds nice I shall read it”. It was a simpler time. A glorious time. Then in 2013, with my blogging schedule and focus on page views I tried harder to read as many books as possible. I figured I’d easily be able to read 150 books in 2013, and that’s where I set my GoodReads goal. I read a total of 80 books.

Oh the shame Pumba

And honestly that’s exactly what I felt. Good old fashioned SHAME! Not only did I not come close to my goal of 150 I didn’t even reach the previous years bench mark! I know it makes little sense to some but I truly felt guilty about not hitting my goal. I was down in the dumps and seriously disappointed in myself about it. Which brings me to this week’s question! Do you over feel guilty about hitting your reading goals? What do you do to hit you goals but still have fun?


I’ve fallen REALLY behind on reading this year (life’s been tough) and the more I think about it the more I realize I’m burned out on YA! My all time favorite category and I’m burned out?! It sounds blasphemous but it’s true. πŸ™ Everything I pick up just seems “done before”. Dystopian, fantasy, sci-fi all just…done. Which feels so weird to type because NA/PNR are basically giving me life right now! But I’m getting off topic! What are some of your reading goals? What do you do to hit those goals? And most importantly, how do you not freak out when you don’t hit those goals?

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  1. Rachel

    One of the first things I did when I stopped being an official “book blogger” was get rid of my reading goal on Goodreads. I felt so weird doing it, but it’s been incredibly freeing. It takes a TON of pressure off of reading and has allowed me to read at whatever pace I feel like/am able to do. Take this past week for instance. I’m currently reading a rather heavy book in terms of content (The Feminine Mystique LOL), and it’s been a week and I’m only halfway through. Had I still had a reading goal, I don’t think I would’ve even allowed myself to take this long because it would mess everything up. I’m not saying you should give your reading goal up if you don’t want to, but just remember that reading goals are arbitrary and reading should be about enjoying the books themselves, and not how many you can read in a year!

    • Octavia

      First off, how am I just now realizing you stopped being an “official book blogger”?! I am making bad life decisions!

      Second you are a freaking genius and I could kiss you! All this pressure and “slumps” are self induced and totally unnecessary! Reading even just one book is better than none and it’s ridiculous for me to feel sad/bad about “only” reading 80 books in a year. As long as some of those books were genuinely enjoyable who cares how many I read?! Goodbye goodreads goals hello no pressure reading!

  2. Pili

    Maybe because when life gets tough I bury myself in books even more, but despite my own emotional mess, my life hasn’t changed as much as yours did, so it really isn’t comparable.

    I sometimes fail at the small goals and that usually doesn’t help cause you end up feeling more bummed out and end up with a reading slump! Thankfully I usually find a book that pulls me out of it.

    What I find a bit more disturbing is you feeling burned out with YA! But you know, read what you feel like and what you love! If you need a break from YA, you might just go back to it after a while!

    *big hugs*
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  3. La La in the LiBrArY

    Reading guilt, NEVAH!! Ha ha, I have too many other facets of my life to feel guilty about: being a mom, clients, music practice, and my volunteerism. I most times set my goals to 3/4ths what I think they should be and I usually hit that, or surpass it. I never compare myself to other bloggers either because they don’t have my life. I also remind myself when a blogger says, “I read that in a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, and I read ten books this weekend!”, that the authors are seeing these tweets and blog posts, too. How do you think they feel when they see someone speed read their book, their baby, the work of their heart and soul? I would rather them see I took my time with the book and didn’t force myself to read if I wasn’t in the mood. I believe in quality, not quantity; blogging is not a sport. Find your comfort zone.
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  4. Ana

    My goals for this year would be finishing some of the series I’ve listed and also some sci-fi books I need to go through, and some ebooks. LOL. What I try to do is not force myself too much. Say for example I have 2 books scheduled to be read but if I’m not enjoying them, I’d gladly switch to a different book. I understand feeling frustrated because these are goals that we set for ourselves but then if we set the bar too high we’ll just end up burned out. And I guess that’s the last we want especially on reading. Maybe you can try reading a different genre and then come back to YA.
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  5. Stephanie

    I am a list maker and spreadsheet crazy person, so I like goals and to-do lists… I really try to make those goals but if I don’t finish I am not all that broken up about it. With reading it is so hard because a bad mood or reading slump can throw off a whole year of reading, so I just take it day by day and if I don’t achieve a goal I set a lower one for the next year πŸ™‚ Even with goals reading is meant to be something I am doing for fun, if it isn’t fun anymore then why should I bother πŸ™‚
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  6. Ruby

    Hey Octavia! *waves* Nah, I don’t feel guilty about not reaching my goals. Disappointed..mmmmaybe, but not guilty. I feel like there’s too much pressure when it comes to setting up goals. So I usually set the GR reading goal and if I can get there, then fine. If not, I don’t torture myself about it. Let’s just say that the number I set is more of a friendly guideline.
    I’m sorry YA is not appealing to you anymore πŸ™
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