Stop & ChatI had this fantastic post about book twins originally scheduled for today (now rescheduled for next week) but I’ve been wanting to just chat with you all lately. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve recently fallen head over heels in love with Ashley’s Sitting At Starbucks post. So for today’s chat I want to do just that. Chat! If you’ve been around RSR before you know all my post have a personal touch to them. I like to put a piece of me in anything I write because it’s how I connect with people. But I rarely (read as never) write an entire post about personal non-bookish Octavia.


If you didn’t know I work for Progressive Insurance in a call center. The company is fantastic, the people I work with are awesome and I make damn good money. But (because there is always a but) I recently put in my 2 weeks notice and I have never felt so damn good. I’ve seriously been feeling like this job has been sucking the life out of me and I’m very excited to be going back into my old leasing job. Right now I work Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am to 8:30pm. A seriously shitty schedule, one that leaves no room for me time. So I’m taking a pay cut and going to do something I love. This is why I’m always so absent from the blog and twitter! I get two days off each week, and by time I’ve cleaned the house, do my laundry, get my hair done and run my errands it’s time to go back to work! This is also why it takes me so damn long to ship things out, or even read! But shitty schedule aside I’m really just not made for call center life.

Juno Shrug

When I took the job I thought “I’m just on a phone all day! I totally can do that”. But you slowly learn that it seriously takes a special kind of person to work in a call center. Think about it. You sit in a cubicle for 9 hours (not including an hour lunch) taking call after call after call of the exact same thing. You’re told when you can take your bathroom breaks, when to call people back, when to hang up, when to sneeze! You’re yelled at, berated, and on a few occasions totally freaked out by some of the things people say to you. I’m no fragile flower, but even I get sick of people cursing at me because their crap driving records makes their insurance high.

Work aside, I’m also working on getting my baby girl back up to Ohio after she finishes out this school year. I miss her to pieces and with my current work schedule it was just wouldn’t have been fair to snatch her up and keep her here where she would’ve never seen me you know? The entire summer she was here it felt like I was the one dropping in for a quick visit to see her, and that’s not cool.

But any who! That’s what’s been going on around me lately. I’m scheduled to start my new job the 2nd week of September so hopefully we’ll get to talk more soon. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Stop & Chat ~Let’s Catch Up~”

  1. Yay, more Octavia, I’m all for that! I took the paycut plunge four years ago, so that I could basically work from home, and I couldn’t be much happier. My only problem now is that my major employer (I’m freelance) is moving his business to Buffalo and I am going to have to scout more contracts. Ugh. However, he is not moving until after the BEA dates, so as long as as I have my trip money I am not going to worry. 🙂
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  2. I’m happy to hear you’ll be going back to a job you loved and that will let you have more time for yourself and for the Princess when she comes down finally!

    I’ve trying to juggle work, reading, blogging and having some sort of life but I’ve been failing a bit these past weeks… I thought morning shift would leave me more time for reviewing and reading and doing things, but despite having little sleep (3 hours at night and then maybe 2 of nap if I was lucky) I wasn’t very productive at all, and now that I’m back on my usual schedule, I feel like I’m too tired and need much more sleep and still feel like time is running away from me! Oh well… things will get better eventually, I’m sure!
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  3. Awww! I totally understand about the job. I’m the admin assist at a non-profit and no one told me I’d be answering the phones for not only the program I work for, but the other program AND now another organization plus juggle people coming in and out the front door. On top of that, I’ve been designated the person to handle the website stuff, etc. I hate it. I do. It’s all fine and dandy helping the homeless and Veterans, but gosh I hate it.

    Yay for the new job and going back to doing something you used to do. <3
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  4. Ahh! I know what you mean when it comes to a tight schedule, and I’m so proud that you made a choice that has made you much happier! I work for a health insurance outsource company, and I’ve heard nothing but horror stories from the call center reps. I know I would not be able to handle people talking trash to me when I’m only trying to help!

    I do hope you get all settled, and that your daughter has a nice transition in Ohio. You’ve made a great choice!


  5. Ugh I think I would hate working in a call center. I think I’m a pretty nice person, but if someone is mean or rude to me my instinct is to treat them how they treat me. Also, I hate talking on the phone lol.

    I think you made the right choice with the job. I’d much rather get paid less doing something I love than get paid more doing something that sucks my soul out.
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