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August 10, 2014 Features & Spotlights 6

Stop & Chat

Happy Sunday!! Today’s Stop & Chat is about…..



So I was at work reading a few weeks ago when someone walked over and asked me what I was reading. Typically this is the point where  start to gush (or rant) about the current book in my hand and push said book (or one that’s similar but better) onto them. But on this particular day, the one day I decide NOT to go out to my car and read I had this beauty in my hands:

Twice Tempted HR

A perfectly fantastic book but COME ON! The cover screams “cheesy romance” and I didn’t want to see “that” look people give you when they see you’re reading.  So I sad the first thing that came to my mind. Something totally stupid and unnecessary.

“Just something light. Guilty pleasures you know?”

Then I laughed, put the book in my bag and swiftly changed the subject. It wasn’t until later that I realized that was a totally stupid thing to do. What was I embarrassed about? Who was I trying to impress? Why didn’t I gush about how great this series is and how that was my THIRD time reading Twice Tempted? And above all else what the hell compelled me to utter the words “guilty pleasure?

I don’t even believe in the term “guilty pleasure”! I think it’s ridiculous to feel guilty about something that brings you pleasure (outside of creepy stuff…like REALLY creepy stuff O__O) and I can’t believe that I let what someone else “might” think compel me to say something so stupid.  Then I realized this is why I don’t read “traditional” romance novels. It’s not just the fact that I hate cheesy romances I’m worried about someone trapping me in that “women only like cheesy romance” box. This mystical box that sucks eggs and doesn’t really exist. Which brings me to the meat of potatoes of today’s post! I want you all to be honest and tell me what are some of your “guilty pleasures”? Why do you feel “guilty” about them in the first place? And once you’ve written it out, looked at it and have properly evaluated it, are you ready to get rid of that ridiculous phrase?

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6 Responses to “Stop & Chat ~Guilty Pleasures?~”

  1. La La in the LiBrArY

    Reading-wise, I have none, but television, yes! I watch Dance Moms. My son used to do Children’s Theater at a large regional performing arts center, and a lot of the mother-to-mother relationships (both good and bad) are similar. I also like most of the dancing, too (some of it does slightly horrorfy me in the suggesstiveness of it). I am also always in awe of how children can be so professional (sometimes more so than adults) in their manner and dedication.
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  2. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    Oh yeah, there are definitely books that I don’t share with others because I’m embarrassed. Those books are the romance novels – I’m particularly fond of historical romance. I don’t call them guilty pleasures, but I don’t talk about them, either. Although I have gotten a lot braver and talk about them on my blog, but before that, I kept it a secret. Not because I fond anything wrong with reading them, but I didn’t want to deal with people’s judgements.
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  3. Ri @ Hiver et Cafe

    I think it’s particularly the romance novels with the cheesy covers that I’m embarrassed about. I don’t like bringing those out into the public because although I may see the book for what a fantastic read it is, people can’t see beyond the cheesy cover and I just don’t want people to judge me based on the cover.

    I freaking love the Night Huntress series and I’m excited for the next Vlad novel to come out. 😀
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  4. Miranda @ Tempest Books

    Wow…honestly, I don’t blame you for getting flustered and saying that…that cover is ridiculously cheesy haha. I wish that there wasn’t such a stereotype about stuff like that, though! I always feel embarrassed about stuff like that, but I REALLY don’t want to be. But I’m taking little steps…I don’t really get embarrassed about anything I read when I’m talking about it on my blog, it’s really just the in-person stuff that I need to work on. I’m with you — we shouldn’t refer to books as guilty pleasures! As long as you’re reading, any book is good 🙂
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