Indie Bookstore Visit: Mabel’s Fables!

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Last week, I visited a Toronto indie bookstore and basically, I loved it. So, I’ve decided to share it with you all! The bookstore I went to was Mabel’s Fables and it’s a widely known children’s bookstore, in Toronto. It is also 1/2 Canadian bookstores participating in the ISLA pre-order campaign (the purpose of my trip) so if you’re interested in that, I recommend ordering it through Mabel’s Fables!


Mabel’s Fables!

I went to Mabel’s Fables with a co-worker and personal friend and we stayed there for a good two hours! The store has two floors, the first floor featuring books for babies and toddlers and the 2nd floor featuring MG and YA books. The landing to the 2nd floor has some bookshelves featuring Adult titles that are 20% off! I saw a signed copy of Attachments (by Rainbow Rowell!) on the Adult shelves and I am still kicking myself for not purchasing it.

Anywho, the bottom floor of the store also had the cash register, which featured a display of Deep Blue and held cute bookmarks and gift cards. The store also had cute totebags (for $5!) and I snagged a light purple one. After pre-ordering Isla, co-worker [name redacted for privacy reasons] and I headed upstairs to stare longingly at all the awesome books.

On the top floor, there are many awesome shelves and books, and an awesome reading room! At the end of the floor, there was a room with a cute fireplace and several comfy chairs, perfect for reading. The wall in this room also had a cool surprise, there were AUTHOR SIGNATURES on the wall! Co-worker and I wanted to ask the Mabel’s Fables employees if we could also add our signatures but we figured they’d probably say no.

We browsed for two hours, read a little (I read an entire graphic novel!) and I was constantly picking books up and putting them down. I ended up buying 3 books (and pre-ordering ISLA) and a purple tote bag! They say a picture is worth 1000 words so without further ado, here are all the pictures (+ appropriate captions) of the bookstore!


Elizabeth Wein’s signature


Maggie Stiefvater’s signature


Neil Gaiman’s signature


YA Novels


More YA novels!




Reading Room (with signatures)!
















And check out my instagram to see which books I purchased. So, what do you guys think of Mabel’s Fables? Let me know!

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  1. Annie

    OMG so happy to see this post! Haha I actually have a discussion on indie bookstores coming up and I made sure to include Mabel’s Fables! It’s honestly such a cool bookstore and though I don’t go there a ton, every single time I do manage to visit it’s like fabulous! I wish I lived closer so I could go there all the time because it’s just so fantastic! And yay for Isla! I still have to preorder my copy but I will do that soon because ISLA. Ahh, I’m so excited! It’s so soon! Lovely post and the pictures were great! 🙂
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  2. Amanda

    This place is so close to me! I definitely have to go and check it out on my day off sometime! Another great indie that I discovered a few months ago (Thanks, teachers’ college) is Another Story Book Shop. It’s a little further west (Roncesvalles) but they’re an interesting place. They try to stock a lot of books focusing on themes of social justice, equity and diversity, I highly suggest checking them out! Went as a “field trip” with my curriculum class and left $65 later haha 🙂
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