Hi guys!! I’ve missed you!! As many of you know I’ve been absent lately because I’ve been enjoying a fantabulous summer with my princess. Movies, water parks, birthday parties, science centers, lego exhibits and a move to a new house up THREE flights of stairs. So yes, to put it lightly I’ve been somewhat occupied. But it’s seriously been the best summer I’ve ever had so no complaining on this end! But with the summer coming to an end and the princess heading back to Georgia for school I figured I’d get my blogging life back in order. So I figured I’d let you all know about the upcoming changes coming to Read. Sleep. Repeat.


A New Look!

Shelly was very luck (and unbelievably AWESOME) enough to win a new look from the insanely talented Ashley of Creative Whim. But since we are already the proud owners of Ashley’s AH-MAZING Tweak Me Theme we decided to pass that giveaway along and just edit our theme!


Thumbs up NPH


Bringing It Back!

There are a few features, I really miss doing and am planing on bringing back with a bang. Including:

  • Stop & Chat! Coming back every other Sunday!
  • Top Ten Tuesday & Waiting On Wednesday. I like these memes and it opens up cool bookish convos, but we’ll be bringing these back on a every other week rotation.
  • Most Anticipated Books! This feature is something I do on Pinterest each month to spotlight the books releasing we’re most excited for that month.
  • What should I read next poll. I miss getting you guys input on what I should read next and to be honest my options have grown to a point where I really just can’t narrow it down 90% of the time.
  • TBR vlogs. This was an idea brought on by Shelly that I LOVE but haven’t really participated in (boo!) but that (obviously) will change soon too!


Saying Goodbye

No change is complete without saying goodbye to something right? Right. So GOODBYE FACEBOOK! I’ve been meaning to get rid of our FaceBook page for a while now and I am finally making that happen. I don’t mean to insult anyone who uses FaceBook faithfully but I feels it’s outdated and unnecessary for RSR. Of course I realize that some of our followers aren’t on Twitter (our primary social media outlet) but to be perfectly honest I’m being a selfish jackass but keeping the FaceBook now. I don’t socialize with you all on there and I can’t remember the last time I actually opened it. So yes. Goodbye FaceBook!





There are a few quick things about giveaways I want/ need to address. First if you are expecting a prize from me please bare with me. I haven’t forgotten, I’m not taking it back, I just have not had a single moment to stop and stand in the infinite line that is inevitably at the post office. Second, I’m working on a new giveaway strategy. I adore you all and I want to do more giveaways that will reach more of you but I also don’t have time or patience for those who abuse the system. What will this new system be? I don’t really know yet to be perfectly honest. But I do have a few thoughts running around my head.

Booyah Glee


So yay for change and I can’t wait to jump back in! If you’re expecting an email from me I’ll be tackling that monster within the coming weeks, if you’ve submitted a review request the same can be said. See you all soon!!

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  1. Looking forward to having you back full-time!!! Please don’t use the giveaway site that another blog previewed where you have to hand over all of your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… friends lists and give them permission to post on your accounts. I refuse to do that to my internet friends. Anyway, I love Stop and Chat so much and am extra happy that it is back!
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