2nd Annual ARC August!!

July 19, 2014 Challenges 14

It’s that time of year my dears! ARC August is just around the corner and this year it’s going to be bigger, better and all around more awesome!

“But Octavia. What is ARC August?”


Well my friend ARC August is a month long challenge I held on RSR last year as a way to help motivate people to tackle their huge (and small) ARC piles. For the entire month of August I encouraged people to read as many ARC’s as they could, hosted a few twitter chats and of course gave away a prize at the end of it all. Last year’s prize was a $25 gift card (I have no clue who won O__O) but this year I’m making some HUGE slight prize changes.


“What changes?!”


Well the first change is I will NOT be formally participating.


Lucy Gasp


Calm down and let me explain! I haven’t requested any ARC’s in AGES (since March) so I don’t really have any I “have” to get to ASAP. I do, however, have a ginormous pile of ARC’s from BEA 14 that I need to read…..AND GIVEAWAY. *hint hint*

So what does this mean you ask? It means that for the entire month of August I’m going to read my BEA ARC’s and for each one I cross off my list I’m going to add it to one giant prize pack to be sent to my beautiful US ONLY  followers. Now INT folks don’t go crying. You know I love your gorgeous faces too and because of that you all will receive a pre-ordered finished copy of each book within the pack directly from The Book Depository.


“But what books are included in the pack? WHAT WILL YOU READ?!!”


This is the fun part. I’m going to read what you pick! Below you’ll see a list of ALL the books I have from BEA. You’re going to pick 5. That’s right. FIVE! Books from that list, and those 5 books will be the books up for grabs at the end of ARC August. Voting will only be open till August 4th but you can vote ONCE every day till then.

Speaking of August 4th (see what I did there?!) That will also be the day of our very first twitter chat! The chat will start at 8:00PM and will party on till 9:30PM! And trust me…you’re so going to want to be there and use our #ARCAugust hashtag. *hint hint*

In fact, to sweeten the pot the absolutely lovely Shelly has actually donated a few of her ARC’s as well, and trust me you’re going to LOVE them! There will be more details coming soon but for now go squeal! Go vote! And grab your lucky rabbits foot!


The absolutely lovely Shelly has decided that she’s participating in ARC August and because of that we have another poll for you lovelies to vote on! Pick THREE books from the poll below for Shelly to read, then giveaway as part of our fantabulous ARC August challenge!


14 Responses to “2nd Annual ARC August!!”

    • Octavia

      The sign up post and link will be up in the next few days with details on how to sign up. And the chats are EST. Some of the later chats will have different times to accommodate PST and CST folks though.

  1. Simeon

    I read The Devil’s Intern after BEA and it blew my mind. Talan is another on my TBR list.

    Awesome Idea — happy reading

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