Surprise! You Won!!!

June 13, 2014 Random Ramblings 9

Hello you beautiful, beautiful people you! A few weeks back you may remember me saying I was going to get rid of a few ARC’s I had laying around and hadn’t gotten to.


I said this on Instagram and twitter and a lot of people chimed in on books that caught their eye. Now unbeknownst to some of you THAT was the official giveaway! I wanted to do something for my followers. The ones who follow just to hear me ramble, the ones who converse with me, the ones who support Read. Sleep. Repeat.! Because of this I didn’t open the giveaway to everyone and I didn’t publicly say “HEY HERE’S A GIVEAWAY!” Instead I played it cool and today I’m announcing the winners! Now as an added bonus it was indeed open to ALL followers. Yes even INT! So how about I cut the rambling and announce who won?!

From Instagram:

@pinkadot89! Who won Fat Vampire

@summerstturtz! Who Fire & Flood

@theavidreader! Who won Ashes to Ashes

@sillhouettesumrs! Who won The Well’s End

@pivotbookreviews! Who won Wings
@OsoOrdinary! Who won The Winners’ Curse

From Twitter:

@takemeaway02! Winner of The Temptation
@_kierra8! Winner of SCAN
@lalaT0adst0ne! Winner of The Waking Engine
@pili28! Winner of Tin Star

A ginormous and heartfelt congrats to all of the winner’s above! And another round of applause for everyone else that constantly supports RSR. You guys make blogging fun and often remind me that there really are other, fantastic, bookish people out there ย and I haven’t just made up this elaborate community all in my head.

If I can ask one tiny favor…help me congratulate these folks! Tweet them! Instagram them! Shout your congrats to them on social media and maybe when it’s your turn to win they’ll return the favor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you are one of the winners please send me an email (click that email icon to the right!) with your mailing address! Try and keep in mind that this is quite a few winners and shipping will be done in waves since I most certainly am not rich. ๐Ÿ˜›

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