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It’s been a long time since we’ve just sat down and talked! I’ve missed it so much and I’m officially bringing Stop & Chat back! (every other week?) Anywho, I have a GREAT topic for our conversation today and as always feel free to chime in via the comments below. Today’s topic is:

ARC Shaming!

This could be a “just me” scenario but how many times have you been really excited about an ARC, tweeted/instagramed about it and then all of a sudden everyone and their mama is throwing shade your way? Here you were all excited about this ARC you’ve been gifted and someone (intentional or not) has decided to rain on your parade by saying you’re showing off/stop bragging/whatever the hell. I actually saw a tweet the other day that said “I don’t think people who get books for free just because they’re bloggers have a right to complain about anything”.

Excuse Me

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this (and I know it won’t be the last) but it really bugs me! Do you know how much time, money and work we put into being bloggers? How many hours we dedicate to providing helpful, truthful and funny reviews to other bookish people? How long it takes us to even approach a publisher for an ARC?

Don’t get me wrong I understand seeing a book you’re impatiently waiting on being (what feels like) flaunted across your face but we didn’t get these ARC’s because we put on a pretty blogger hat, kicked up our feet and held our hand out. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive. Maybe I’m sick of people underestimating the work we put in? Or maybe I really just need to vent! Whatever the case may be how do you feel about this? Have you ever been made to feel ashamed for receiving an ARC? Let me know below in the comments!

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22 thoughts on “Stop & Chat! ~ARC Shaming~”

  1. On top of that, I don’t think these people realize that there’s a bit of responsibility that comes with receiving ARCs that you request. It’s a hobby but that doesn’t mean there’s stress involved. D: I don’t know, I can only assume these are the kind of people who get mad when someone shows vacation photos or something. :/ I wish they would let people enjoy what they’ve accomplished, not make them feel bad about their hard work. D:
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  2. I can understand how hard it is when people ARC shame, in my opinion it seems like it’d just make it a lot harder for the reader to give an honest review. Not everyone has the ‘what if the author doesn’t like my review’ but ‘what if my viewers think I’m being too nice because it’s an arc?’ etc. There is a great responsibility that goes with receiving an ARC.

    Rant on girl! I’ve never been arc shamed but I haven’t publicly announce my ARC’s just yet (still new to blogging). If anyone does, I can kind of understand, I too get jealous someone has gotten a book I’m waiting for but to me it’s just partly luck and work. Bloggers who do 100x more than I should be picked to review a book over me and sometimes the author has just chosen them to send the book to. There’s no excuse to ‘shame’ someone though.

  3. I can’t think of this ever happening directly to me, but I have apparently ingrained it since I find myself not wanting to tweet pictures of a highly sought after ARC and actually feel really guilty about a couple that have shown up since BEA that are duplicates from BEA since I didn’t expect to get them D: I feel weird keeping some of my mail hush hush but I just don’t want to deal with the drama. This is extra silly, though, since I ultimately giveaway all of my ARCs either before or after I’ve read them, so extras are good news for everybody! I just don’t want to deal with even potential negativity >.>
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  4. You know I’ve seen this mess also but I, personally, could care less if someone is offended by something I post as simple as an ARC. I have 3 kids and use my spare time to read and blog about these books, it is not an easy task. So PLEASE say something to me about how I shouldn’t post a pic of an ARC I’m overly excited that showed up in my mailbox. There is nothing anyone could say that would make me feel bad and here are my reasons why:
    A. Every single ARC I get (unless I somehow end up winning or receiving a signed one for some reason and I love it) I give away. Any of my followers know this.
    B. all those ARCs I’m handing out to people end up costing me AT THE LEAST $30 a month to mail out…..AT THE LEAST. So please don’t take to me about how I get free books so I shouldn’t complain about whatever, I do my part with them.
    C. I’ve worked hard, long hours for that ARC….the end

    I will say that I have had this happen, I’ve actually had people I talked to ALOT that got kind of testy because I got something they didn’t, which kind of irritated me, because I’ve had people get stuff I really wanted but didn’t get and I’m still all “YAY THAT’S SO AWESOME!!!” Sure, I’m probably a tad jealous, but here’s a secret I’m going to share….you ready??….those ARCs….well they eventually go on sale! *gasps* crazy, right?! So yea, really just no reason for it. If anyone is bothered so bad you just shouldn’t follow people, no need for the shame game.

    Ok I’m done ranting and rambling! <3 ya lady and <3 this post!!!
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  5. Well, I’m a book blogger who doesn’t even participate in ARCs, so talk about really being the odd one out, lol. It’s not cool when people are mean and snotty to other people, no matter what the reason. Shows a lack of maturity and class I think. And I think it goes both ways in the case of ARCs. There’s definitely bloggers out there who take the whole ARC thing to the extreme. And there’s also people who react badly when good bloggers get ARCs. Really, can’t we all just get along sigh….

    Great topic today!
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  6. There was a great LitLush chat about this topic recently.

    As a blogger that doesn’t get a lot of ARCs I have felt the pang of jealousy, I think everyone does from time to time. But then I remind myself that I didn’t get into blogging to get free books. I started blogging to gush about books and to share my joy of books with others. That’s what a haul post or Twitter photo is, gushing about a book you are excited to read.

    I have found so many new and fantastic books thanks to fellow bloggers and their book hauls and reviews of books that have not been released yet.

    I’m sorry to anyone who has been made to feel ashamed for their ARCs. As a community we should be inclusive and supportive of each other and not petty and jealous. That’s not in the spirit if why I started blogging, and I’d wager it’s not in the spirit of why you started either.
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  7. “I don’t think people who get books for free just because they’re bloggers have a right to complain about anything”. WTF? That’s just rude. I don’t think people realize how much work, time, effort, not to mention money… and most of all LOVE that blogges put into their blogs. All that doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll be lucky enough to get an ARC from either a publisher or author or that you even have followers following your blog to read your reviews in the first place. Also, regardless of receiving an ARC you still may go out and buy the hardcover afterward. That’s not free. People suck, Octavia! Try to ignore them and be excited about any and all ARC’s.
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  8. Haven’t seen, or felt, this yet and I hope I never do. I have only gotten four or five covetted ARCs anyway, and tbey were all Rafflecopter prizes so nobody can really say anything about those. I blog post about the uber popular ARCs I manage to scoop up, but never tweet about them. There is one person who bothers me when they post about ARCs and/or special swag they have gotten because they do it in a “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah” way, and say things like I got this because the author feels I’m super special, and they never say how lucky or grateful they are to have it. I have never said anything to them and never will, although I did unfollow them. So, I guess it is all in the presentation because I don’t feel this way about anyone else. Also when I say I’m jealous, it is in a friendly joking manner.
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  9. I don’t necessarily get jealous of those that get ARCs. I’m jealous of the REASON they get them: because they read fast and have a quick turnover time, so they are able to power through more books.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been a quick reader. At least not in my adult life. I’m easily distracted. I read 1 book in the time it takes another blogger to read 3. Gah, how do you guys do it! I have to take mental breaks, watch TV, bs around on Tumblr/Twitter, play games. Meanwhile, 5 or 6 hours has passed and the ultimate blogger has finished that book and moved on to the next one. (Not to mention, I work 40 hours a week. And no, as a librarian, I don’t get to sit around reading lol. Then by the time I get home, I’m tired. I have maybe an hour or so to read before bed.)

    But THAT is how you get ARCs. Constantly updating your blog. Constantly getting back to publishers about what you thought. That’s the game. Publishers want people who can keep up with what they send, and make use of it. So, no need to ARC shame. Get on your grind and do what these others do if that’s what you want.
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  10. I haven’t had this happen to me personally (because I am way too afraid to ask for ARCs!) but I have heard/seen it happen to others, and quite frankly, it sucks. Do I have a twinge of jealousy when I see someone get a book that I’d love to have? Sure, I’m human. But the blogger earned that book, probably through years of hard work and dedication, and I am happy that she or he is able to read it, that they felt like sharing it so I could swoon a bit, and I am probably pretty eager to read the review! I never, ever have thought I am entitled to a book, and I just hope that one day, I can earn the right to read them too.
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  11. I don’t think anyone has ever commented with such a petty attitude (cause excuse me, that’s petty!) when I have posted about getting approved for an ARC. I don’t get physical ARCs because of location and because my blog is low key and all that but I don’t feel like people shouldn’t be happy and show the ARCs they get! It’s not showing off, it’s sharing something that makes you happy AND it’s also doing your job, because you’re getting ARCs from the publisher in the hopes that you’ll read it and will like it and will help spread the word about that book, and sharing photos of it can help other readers and bloggers discover that book!
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  12. What I honestly think it is, is that, either people follow a lot of bloggers who get arcs, or the follow a particular blogger that shares the same haul via their social medias. I totally get the envy thing. You want the book. But at the same time, I don’t feel as though you should rain on someone else’s parade. You know? I’ve never (and maybe it’s just me) seen a blogger go over board with the haul pics. I usually see it once on each social media platform, maybe weekly, and I only see it if I’m looking for it. I personally don’t do it consistently but that’s only because I’m lazy, but I feel like I have a right to if I wanted. It’s my small space on the inter web to do with what I like and I feel if someone hates it that much then just unfollow.
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  13. I completely feel you! Actually, I have *just* started receiving ARCs from publishers recently (maybe for the past two months) and that feeling I get when I see a package in the mailbox makes me want to shout it all over twitter, Instagram, etc. But then again, I don’t, because I’m afraid someone like that person you quoted would ruin my mood. I’ve never had it happen to me (well, I’m still new to the world of ARCs) and I’ve never seen it happen to someone, but you could feel the negative vibes coming when a blogger has received a very much anticipated book. It’s stupid – like a commenter above said, it’s only a few months until you can buy the book. This whole ARC drama kind of makes me want to stay away from them altogether.
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  14. Everyone so jelly these days!
    But really, there are some people that complain that they got a certain arc but not another and blah blah blah, and then there’s other people who are just thankful when they get something cool and free and shiny to play with.
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  15. I don’t think I’ve been shamed before but then maybe they’ve done it where my eyes didn’t run across it – thankfully cause that would have ticked me off.

    Bloggers who gets these ARCS i would think they put in A LOT of work. It is essentially a full time job. Writing reviews, reading mass quantities of books to write more reviews, responding to comments, visiting other people, formatting posts, editing your damn posts a million times because who’s going to edit them for you!? Writing up all sorts of other things – jeezuz TRAVELING to see authors (thats fun though) all the costs that go into blog maintenance – hosting fees, domain fees, theme and tweaking fees bla bla bla – graphics fees. They just don’t understand. But I love all these things about blogging and I’m not complaining what they don’t understand is that these aren’t FREE books – our love for the community and what we do in blood sweat and tears is what we pay. Are we entitled to books from publishers NO – HELL NO. But obviously I would hope the ones that are diligent in their love of book blogging and sharing their thoughts with the community get these books and all it takes is time to build up your own blog and then you’ll get them as well. That’s what the shamers might not realize.

    Hell I have a full time job and I still do this. I just don’t get the jealousy. Most of us book bloggers that get these books give away a ton of books that we buy and we still even buy just as many as we get from pubs. Alright I’m ranting now too.

    I feel you…I hear you. I hope I don’t see it coming my way. Hell hath no fury…like my ignore button LOL
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  16. Hey Octavia, I just wanted to say that after going to BEA, I have so much more appreciation for what you bloggers do. Don’t get me wrong, getting to read ARCs from great writers like Rainbow Rowell and Holly Black is pretty much a dream come true, and I’ve come across a couple new authors whose work I’ve really enjoyed. BUT the majority of the ARCS I’ve snagged have ranged from pretty mediocre to downright awful (in my opinion), and I definitely wouldn’t have slogged through these if I had read trustworthy reviews beforehand (and of course if they weren’t free ) So I just want to say: know that you’re providing a valuable service and ignore the negativity. Now you go enjoy those ARCs =)

  17. This has never happened to me personally (thank god), but I totally agree with you. Blogging is a TONNNNN of work. Like, one might say that free books aren’t even enough 😛 But we’re still SO LUCKY to get them, and I think that every blogger respects the fact that we are being given a privilege here. Sharing ARCs on Twitter or whatever isn’t bragging…it’s sharing your love for books! I see stuff like that and I’m HAPPY for that person. I want to jump around and fangirl with them about it. It’s exciting! So, yeah, people need to stop getting all up in a huff about it. That’s just stupid.
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  18. Great post lady! I have been on both sides. I wouldn’t say jealous but definitely felt envious on certain books but that’s ok!! I take it as hey there out there in the world and hopefully an awesome giveaway will happen where I’ll get my chance. I mean I love people who wear Chanel and Merchesa dresses too but that doesn’t mean I post mean things about them. When we did we as a society become so damn syndical. As newbieish blogger I have to be realistic and know that some will get while some while some won’t and that’s just how the cookie crumbles and I work my but off to keep my galley ratios up so I have a better chance. I got Heir of Fire after a carefully crafted letter to the publisher (which shocked the hell out of me) and was so excited I immediately posted pics of it but then a few hours later I felt bad for bragging. That shouldn’t be. I feel as long as you present it in a certain light there is nothing wrong with sharing your pretties with the world to see. That is what we all get excited about is it not? Just don’t rub it in and be an ass hat about it. Most of us are at the age where we know what’s appropriate and what isn’t. It’s all about the presentation! Love this discussion and can’t wait to see what’s next.
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  19. Agreed! While I do sympathize with people who are on the “outside looking in” I also know first hand just how much time, effort, tears, and stress goes into blogging. Like you said we don’t just hold out our hands and get books for no reason. We have obligations and schedules to adhere by, emails to send, posts to type, postage prices to cry over…
    I personally do get irritated when someone goes to a convention and brings home a ton of ARCs and then blatantly says something like ‘it’ll be a long time before I ever get to these *lists books*” or something of that nature. I know how it feels to grab ALL the books, but I also know how it feels to be that person who didn’t get a copy because someone grabbed one they never intended on reading in the first place. With that I say be conscious of those around you.
    Other than that, I reserve the right to complain about the free books I recieve…because I still have to put the effort into reading, reviewing, and shelving the damn things. I also reserve the right to show off all of my awesome book purchases, arcs, swag, and gifts. In return for your…acceptance….I agree not to be an ass and rub your face in it. 😛
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