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Hi lovelies in celebration of Shelly’s blogoversary I get the huge honor of writing up a post.. Now according to Shelly I can “wing it” so that’s basically what I’m going to do. So sit back, stop fussing and enjoy the celebration!!!

Chuckie Celebrate

I’ve had the pleasure of co-blogging with Shelly for many, many, MANY moons now (ok really only about 3 months) and I can honestly and unbiasedly say she is the sweetest, most hard working, caring and awesome person ever. Seriously. EVER.

Dreamy face

Ok maybe I piled that on just a tad too think but, she really is an absolute gem and pleasure to know. No matter what’s going on some how Shelly always comes around to make me laugh to my face hurts and she helps me remember where my head is when it’s not attached to my neck. Which is actually a lot more often than you would think. In fact if it weren’t for Shelly I’m pretty sure I’d be in a padded room, wearing a jacket that lets me hug myself and color on said padded walls with a toothbrush covered in clear paint. What I mean is, Shelly has become a huge reason for why I can get up every day and keep moving.

I love you


But moving on to Shelly’s blogoversary question!!

How did you discover book blogging/how has it changed you?

What a fabulous question Shelly! I actually stumbled into the wacky yet wonderful world of book blogging via Goodreads. I had just rekindled my love of reading and was scrolling through GR reviews when I notice a banner that said “review originally posted on Reading After Midnight”. This was when I realized “there are people out there with BLOGS who love books?!” It took a while (exactly 2 weeks) after I realized this that Read. Sleep. Repeat. came into existence. I probably should have stopped and thought it through a bit thinking is for sissys! This of course resulted in the many accomplishments and failures Read. Sleep. Repeat. and all the fun I’ve had throughout that rollercoaster.

It’s actually really funny to think of but without the blog I don’t think I’d be the person you all see on twitter or instagram or in my post. I’m extremely awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin ad the people in my day to day life seem to only enforce/ pick on these facts. Blogging has made me realize reading YA while in your 20’s is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Reading a romance book with in public is not something you should feel the nees to hide from the jerk wad that interrupts your reading by asking what you’re reading. Not only this but the fact that there are so many bookish people out there that truly get what me. This community has given me confidence and pride in the person I am and there aren’t enough nice things I can say about that.

I just want to say Happy Blogoversary Shelly and thank you and my lucky stars for joining Read. Sleep. Repeat. I don’t think I could have asked for a better co-blogger.

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